Monday, 7 December 2009

Toy Suggestions

I did an inventory of our toys and posted about it here and said to P at the time we needed some new ones. He said he's hardly using the ones we have let alone new ones and in any case he would need to try them all out before he decided if any were lacking and that was the end of it.

But I've been thinking, as it's Christmas soon, I've decided I'm going to treat P to a new implement but I need some help please.

So this is where you come in. I would like something different, one we haven't tried before, I know many of you will be reluctant so suggest anything when you know it's going to be used on my poor bottom but please feel free and don't be shy and it would help if you could tell me how it feels.

I am re-posting a picture of our toys to remind you what we have.



PK said...

My suggestion would be the dogging bat. As I said at my place it is easily used for fun but has no problem in the more serious range. And I found it to be very inexpensive.

Now I have some suggestions of some to get rid of! Lose that loopy johnny! And maybe a few of those canes, but at long as are having fun!


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Have you check out your kitchen. Do you have one of those things that flips burgers with steel on the part the burger sits on. It has a long handle and delivers quite a sting. Or a long handled spoon.

And you probably don't want to hear the rest of my suggestions. LOL.


Hermione said...

Aww, PK stole my suggestion! Yes, do get a dogging bat. It's very noisy, and doesn't hurt too, too much, although it can be severe in the hands of a skilful operator.


Anonymous said...

A Lexan paddle is a must

ronnie said...

PK - Thanks for your suggestion. Oh yes the Loopy John. It's the one and only time I used our safe word.

FD - Yes, we do have one of those we use for BBQ's but never thought of it Probably because it's kept in the shed. Out of sight out of mind :) Of course I'd love to hear the rest of your suggestions.

Hermione - Yes the dogging bat. It's on my Christmas wish list which I will be sharing but may end up buying it myself :)

Anonymous - Hello and welcome. A Lexan Paddle now that would be different, good one. Thanks for your good suggestion.

Thanks all.


Not My Original Vows said...

I just got a dogging bat as a gift lost in a bet. I agree with Hermione, it is nice either way.
I also got leather shoes laces from the same person. You would think they would be bad, but boy howday they get your attention!
I hope you have fun finding a new toy.


ronnie said...

Katia - I think it's going to be a dogging bat. Mind you somebody emailed me and suggested a flogger that got my attention and I also liked Anon's suggestion of a Lexan Paddle.

Shoe laces that's a new one.

Thanks for stooping by.