Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Tension

It happens every year, I imagine it's the same or similar in most families. It is a wonderful time of year, especially for the kids and for those amongst us who have kids around to keep us acting like them. But there is also stress, it's unavoidable, it's in shopping, budgeting, meeting deadlines, what to wear for this and that 'do', who's visiting who.....and then for us - or more accurately me - there's P's mom.

Now I haven't mentioned her much for several months, not since I got a proper humdinger of a spanking for acting up over her, but that doesn't mean she's not been around and it doesn't mean there hasn't been any friction. There has, not much I'll admit but still cropping up periodically. Saturday I got spanked because of her, not a humdinger like that last time but still, it wasn't a prelude to sex so it was a put me in my place spanking, and I've been warned not to get stroppy over the arrangements for the forthcoming festive holiday, which I've no doubt I'll be reverting to later and probably more than once.

But let me tell you what happened to get me spanked on Saturday and I'm sure you'll see my side. The cause of my sore backside happened two days earlier, Thursday night actually, we took P's mom out to our favourite little Italian the one I've told you about before, it's nice and we are regulars but at Christmas time, space is at a premium, we didn't book, they had no tables but they did have some space upstairs, an area they normally keep for party bookings. My fault for not booking, anyway we went upstairs, it was half full, the atmosphere wasn't the same, we were seated by the widow and it was a cold night, P's mom was chilly she pulled her jacket around her shoulders, I asked for the heating to be turned up a bit but for some reason the staff couldn't do it and the boss wasn't in, P said it was OK but I told the girl we'd have to forget the meal because we weren't comfortable, we'd go somewhere else. I got dirty looks from P and his mom but for gods sake I was mainly doing it for the sake of his mom, anyway our girl came back two minutes later and said they were relaying a table downstairs for us if we could hang on.

To cut it short, we got the downstairs table but I'm sure everybody thought we were picky customers and actually P's mom told me downstairs she felt a bit awkward after me making such a fuss. Huh! So we ate in 'awkwardness', me being the villain for just telling the truth and speaking up on behalf of P's mom. It was alright eventually, food was nice and we dropped his mom off at the end of the evening in a good mood.

Then on Friday we had few words because she called and invited us out for the following week, in other words later this week, and I didn't fancy it and told P I didn't, we're due to see her next weekend and we'll be seeing a lot of her over Christmas. P said he'd diplomatically avoid it but on Saturday morning he went round to fix a garage light fitting for her and when he got back he told me we'd be going out on Thursday. ''I thought we'd agreed you were going to skip over it somehow,'' I said but P said I'd enjoy it and she'd asked if our son was free to bring him along and she was bringing her sister too. Great, she's about four years older than P's mom and always seems to have something to moan about whenever I've met her.

''Well that's bloody marvelous, it's my Christmas too you know, there are local services providing entertainment for the elderly, why not point your mom and her sister in their direction?'' P didn't answer. ''And if we must go I don't want it to be our little Italian again, I got blamed wrongly last week for being fussy, so make it somewhere else and if there's anything wrong they can speak up for themselves, I'm strictly neutral, an accompaniment.''

P didn't like the bit about the elderly and local services and actually I knew it was wrong immediately after I said it, and was about to apologise when P stood up, took me by the arm and marched me upstairs to our spare room. He told me we'd all be older one day and how would I like being talked about like that, think about it he said, as he closed the spare room door and pulled the chair out from under the desk, I could hardly argue, I told him I was about to apologise. ''You'll apologise, I've no doubt about that,'' he said as he unfastened my jeans and pushed them down to me knees ''you'll apologise and you'll really mean it.''

He didn't have to order me or force me, I knew I was wrong, he sat on the chair and I placed myself across his lap, I caught his eye as I lowered myself and said I really was sorry, it didn't make any difference to the outcome. My shirt was lifted, my knickers were pulled down and I was spanked for several minutes with an occasional pause to adjust position or while he let a particular point sink in. He spanked until my backside felt like I'd sat on hornet's nest, not that I ever have, and when I went still, which I do at a certain point when feeling becomes almost numb with pain, he spanked the tops of my thighs too which made me wriggle and squeal and beg him to stop. He did, and a moist eyed sore bottomed girl, who'd made a thoughtless comment, apologised again, this time in a quivery voice and not quite wanting to catch his eye when he ordered me up.

He told me to pull my pants up and let that be a lesson to me and to think about what I was saying and about other peoples' feelings and not to get bitchy again about what had to be done, it's the time of year when everyone makes compromises he said. Well I hadn't been bitchy in my opinion, just outspoken and trying to make a wisecrack which had backfired, but I wasn't about to argue.

A couple of hours later we were choosing cards together in one of the stores, not a hint of tension, and I resisted the urge to choose a funny one about mother-in-laws.



Sara said...

Family is really tough. I feel for you, and for P. But I too would have been irritated had we agreed to skip the dinner and then he scheduled it. I mean, he could have said "Let me check Ronnie's schedule and I'll let you know Mom" if he had changed his mind! You must have felt disregarded. Now that I have thought it through, I think P should get spanked! Do tell him I said so! ;)

Hermione said...

The holiday season certainly is a stressful one. We all say things we don't mean, and if we had stopped to think, wouldn't have said them. So I think P should have been a bit more understanding and let you off after you had apologized.

Still, the spanking cleared the air, which is better than dealing with a sulking partner for the next few hours.


Anonymous said...

awww Ronnie, the holidays are stressful for me too. I don't have in law problems the chaos of the season gets to me and I get snippy too, or stroppy - I love that word (it's new to me.) Hang in - we are almost there!


The problem with significant others is that they come with family, that you haven't chosen to be around and then add some time of the year pressure.........Well the results can be seen here :)


Anonymous said...

Yup, this was mostly about holiday tension and you have a martyred bottom.

If the spanking cleared the tension, perhaps it was helpful, but it doesn't sound like the two of you have fully processed this stuff.

Do you need to talk some more about this with each other or is it time to just move on?

SexyKitten said...

Wow... you're really brave. I never speak up about things if LG is there. I only mouth off when I'm mad or hurt... and then I let it fly.

Your posts are so funny I really enjoy reading them.



ronnie said...

Sara - I'll be sure to tell him LOL Men just don't always think.

Hermione - Thanks. Yes there's nothing worse than clouds hanging over and I wouldn't want that, especially at this time of the year.

Ally - I normally love Christmas but this year I can't seem to get motivated, wished it had been and gone :)

Prefectdt - Your right. You can pick your friends but not your family.
I'm wondering, did you get my email?

Mick - Time to move on for now but it's someting that keep cropping up.

My lips will be sealed and I'll be as good as gold on Thursday.

Thanks all, really appreicate you stopping by.

ronnie said...

SexyKitten - Glad you enjoy the posts. I wouldn't say brave at all. Sometimes I get mad and speak before I think :)

Thanks Kitten.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Is there any more complicated a relationship than between a wife and her mother-in-law? I thought the punishment was a bit harsh for a wisecrack but I bet you'll be on your best behavior the rest of the holiday season.

You could ask him if he ever stands up to his mother...opps, not a good idea. LOL.


ronnie said...

LOL, stand up to his mother" I will have to get that one in some time but I know I'll be in trouble if I do :)

Were out to dinner with her tonight so I'm definitely keeping quiet.

Thanks FD.