Friday, 27 November 2009

Why OTK?

I had a lovely very quick OTK last night as son popped to get a takeaway (for himself, he didn't want to eat with us :)). As P says, windows of opportunity should never be missed, he only says that when he has the time and inclination actually but he still says it, anyway I wasn't complaining, not at the start at least.

At the end I was complaining appropriately and was told not to make a fuss it had been overdue and I'd get some more if I whinged on. I was about to up the whingeing when we both heard son's car on the drive, god it must have grown wings it was far too fast a journey, I'm going to recommend a takeaway in town next time, that takes at least 40 mins round trip.

After I got over not getting my full share I was thinking (strange I've actually never thought about it before) why the expression OTK (over the knee) is most often often used to describe the most common position in which to administer a spanking - when actually it would be physically impossible or at least very difficult to bend over a person's knees, I mean they're joints, they're bony and they wouldn't be at all comfortable. Bent over lap (BOL) or across the thighs (ATT) would be more accurate descriptions for this popular position wouldn't they, and I'm sure there are plenty of others. I'm not knocking OTK, I love it - the expression, the spoken words and the event - but I just wondered how it ever got off the ground.

Has anyone else ever thought the same or maybe even know how the word OTK came to be used.



M:e said...

Can't say I've ever really thought about it until now Ronnie.

What struck me with this posting is how even my friends who live in the same house often have to grab their opportunities when they can. Right now, you have no idea how much that helped.

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

Across the knee might be closer, but still, knees are joints, aren't they.

I guess you need to think of it figuratively, not literally.

Another case of great minds thinking alike - I have a post about OTK in the queue for tomorrow. We really are on the same wavelength!


PK said...

I think that there is something about the hand, paddle or whatever striking the butt that causes children to have this uncontrollably urge to head home. We had a window the other night and the same thing happened to us.

At for OTK we rarely use that position although I would like to some more. I'm usually over the bed (OTB) or over the chair (OTC). OTK just brings that little flutter in your stomach. I guess it's not accurate but it sure sounds good!


ronnie said...

M:e - I'm glad I helped but you have me wondering :)

Hermione - Yes I suppose your right we have to think of it figuratively.
I'll look forward to that post.

PK - LOL. I know what you mean.
I love OTK but then again I love any position if I'm getting a spanking :)

Hope you all have a good weekend.


Meow said...

Our experience is true OTK, I guess. With Lash sitting against the head of the bed, I go over one knee (at the joint area) with a pillow for padding. I'm a little farther away from his body than with "over the lap" which (I think) makes the swing of his arm more powerful. His other leg holds mine in place so I get very little wiggle opportunity. I like our version of OTK and think that the traditional "over the lap" might be too uncomfortable for both of us (at our ages)! Meow

Anonymous said...

I just remember growing up and hearing my mother say to us when we were being bad to stop it or else she would take us over her knee...

I'm glad you were able to get in a quick OTK with P!

Big Hugs,

ronnie said...

Meow, Kitten, missed your comments, sorry and thanks for stopping by.