Monday, 23 November 2009

The Unbelievable Truth and more

Thanks to all who stopped by and guessed which of the five facts in my Unbelievable Meme were true.

I obviously made it far too easy for you

Yes, no4 was the correct one. We had to make sure our GS was out of the way whenever P was spanking me because she always wanted to join in.

Hermione also thought parts of no1 was correct and she was right. We did have to wear regulation knickers and we did have spot check to see if we were wearing them but no canings.

Thinking about our GS reminded me of one Friday night, a completely true story, when P was at our other restaurant and we'd had a late disco. Our door staff were very good and if I was on my own they would make sure they checked the whole premise to make sure nobody was still left in. It was around 3.00am and staff had just left (we always sat down with staff at the end of the night, sometimes just for a few minutes chat to wind down, usually a bit longer and they'd have a drink) and was just walking through the restaurant to set the alarms after locking them out when our GS stopped, her ears pricked and and she started to growl, then next minute she was off around the bar leading to the large entertainment room barking full force, hackles up. Oh shit there was somebody in.

I flicked the master switch which floodlit the room and slowly ventured into the room; there was this guy staggering from the direction of the loos, didn't know where he was. Lucky for him, the bar hatch was closed and our GS couldn't get out but boy did she want to. She knew he shouldn't be there and she wanted to let him know that. I told her to be quiet which she did but you could hear the low growl deep in her throat. The guy came closer which started her off again, I told him to stop because I was sure she was about ready to jump the bar, but he kept coming, didn't know what he was doing, he was so far gone I didn't even feel threatened, it was just a nuisance at that time in the morning and I wanted him out.

I quickly dragged GS into the other bar and locked the door and went through the hatch into the entertainment suite. The guy could hardly stand, I went up closer, not quite sure how I was going to manipulate a 13st very unsteady man out of the building, then when I got right up close enough to smell the beer and cigarettes on him I recognised him as the younger son of our own greengrocer who only lived in the next village. I called his dad and told him about his son, he came and picked him, couldn't apologise enough, he was a nice man, nice family actually, every body's entitled to a bad night every now and again. I'm glad he came out of the loo before I'd set the alarms and had gone to bed because that would have really unnerved me if the alarms had gone off after I'd snuggled down for what was left of the night. Mind you the police would have come, we were on a Red Line callout system and they were usually quick to attend licensed premises because it usually got them a drink.

The next day the lad came round with a bunch of flowers to say sorry if he'd scared me and asked if he'd been abusive or anything, which he wasn't, he was really embarrassed, I think his dad had already laid the law down. When P got back later in the day and heard what had happened he was angry and really gave the doormen a piece of his mind for missing the guy.



Hermione said...

Ronnie - You must have been frightened! Good for your dog to want to protect you. Wasn't it great that you could have her at work with you, especially since you probably worked very long hours.

The regulation knicker check must have been embarrasing! I always wore a school uniform, but choice of panties was up to us.


selkie said...

Ronnie, the GSDs - my FAVOURITE dogs! I have two and yes, they ARE protective - D. has said more than once we have to get away from the house to have fun not because of the kids, but the DOGS. If Llyr hears the swatting sound he goes ballistic and will literally break the door down LOL

that is a funny story about the kid (although can imagine it was initially frightening) - and good for your girl for protecting you!

spirited one said...

Wow... that would have been freaky. It was good of him to apologize and bring the flowers though.


FunKayLynn said...

Very scary - yikes - thank goodness he was a harmless drunk! I thought you were going to write that P had spanked you for being unsafe and alone with the boy when you put your pup away.

I have a very scary dog and love the security she provides! I feel very safe knowing she would be like the Terminator in order to protect me!

ronnie said...

Hermione - To be honest with having the two places was on my own a few nights but with the GS never bothered me. Everyone around knew we had her.

Yes it was embarrasing but at least it was only the women teachers that checked.

Selkie - I think they are the best dogs in the world. She was a pretty thing and to look at her you would think she was placid but oh no.

spirited - I was on my own a few nights but that's the only time something like that happened. He was from a good family and I know his father would have made him do that

KayLynn - No spankings but P said I shouldn't have looked her in the other room beause there are normally two types of drunks, the harlmess ones and the aggressive ones but I didn't think like that I was thinking of her leaping over bar and attacking him which she would have done.

Thanks all.


Mick said...

An interesting account where everyone was nice and no one got hurt. It'll never work in hollywood, but I enjoyed it very much.

Lessa said...

lol.. so I was very very wrong assuming it was #5... mmmmmmmmmm

ronnie said...

Mike - Could have been a lot different if he had been an aggressive drunk.

Thanks for stopping by.


ronnie said...

Lessa - could have been true. I've always wanted a tattoo but never been brave enough :).