Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Smiling through

No I didn't snap this at my local Tesco but it did make me wonder, just for a brief moment, how many girls (or boys) out of all the shoppers might have a happy bum, but that raised the question what would constitute a happy bum, in my own case it would definitely be spanked one, I guess in some it might be the opposite and in others they'd just be neutral bums.

This girl's happiness is self evident. Nice to see a happy bottom whatever the reason.

Click to see larger picture.



Anonymous said...

It drives me nuts when I'm out and about and can see someone's panty lines showing thru their outfit. I'm sure it made someone's day :-)


selkie said...

grins.. are you sure that's not Wal-Mart? tacky ...funny but tacky!

Florida Dom said...

Nothing like a happy bum when the panty lines are showing. Good picture, Ronnie.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - Just goes to show that you should always check your outfit in a full-length mirror before going out.

Thanks for the laugh.


PK said...

That woman is just grinning every way you look at her!


Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnn, love the picture... happy bumm indeed.... mine would be a spanked and then caressed and cared for one.. mmmmmmmmm

ronnie said...

Thought the picture was amusing.

Thanks all for dropping by and your comments.


Anonymous said...

Late here sorry. But had to say I saw this once with leopard underwear! Oh wait that was me in mirror and I had to change! But being all cereal (a substitute for serious used by my little one as humor) hello, thong, slip - do people wear them any more? I do and have trained my daughter to as well. But we are all guilty of tight jeans - that's still good huh?