Monday, 30 November 2009

Champagne, cake and a sore backside

We went to a 50th birthday party on the weekend, P hates going to parties but I wanted to go so he relented and we went.

It was held at a fairly plush hotel. I did suggest to P that maybe we should book a room and stay overnight but was told not to be silly, we only live 30 minutes away and he went on to say he needed to be up early in the morning as he had some jobs to do, I was going to remonstrate with him, even offer to pay (this place gives it best rates on weekends because there's no business trade) but I saw that look on his face that warned me off.

Great night, they had a live band playing and then a disco. First drink of the evening was on them, they had a hot and cold buffet really nice, wine served free with the food, must have cost them a fortune. I think they may have won the lottery or something but of course I didn't ask. After the buffet and just before the disco started again his wife got up on stage and gave a short speech, recalling how they'd been together over 25 years and about some of the ups and downs, the kids, business highs and lows and she wanted to thank him for putting up with her. She went on to say that she had a cake especially made for him and wanted us all to have a piece with a glass of champagne to wish him a Happy Birthday. My favourite, champagne that is, not cake. Well sometimes cake too.

Music was played to crescendo and a waiter pushed in a trolley and you could have knocked me down with a feather there on the trolley was an enormous cake shaped in a bottom with a thong, no lie. I couldn't believe it, it was huge. Then my brain started ticking, wait a minute I wonder if they could be into spanking and I whispered the same to P. I looked around wondering what other people thought of the cake but it seemed everybody thought it was just a laugh. Personally I liked to think they might well be part of our community but it's not something I could ask.

I wanted to go up and take a photo but P said no, people would want to know why you were taking a photo, don't be silly I said, nobody will think anything of it. So off I went but before I could get my nokia out he'd already cut the cake in half. (This picture I found is similar but wasn't in chocolate). So I collected two pieces of cake and returned to P, I got his glass of champagne in exchange for the cake, he's never rated champagne much, I was a bit tiddly by the time the smoochy grindy music time came, P said I should have been spanked for having a glass too many and he had his hand on my backside as he said it, whispering close to my ear as Lionel Ritchie got everyone in the mood for groping and cuddling.

When it was all over and we'd thanked our hosts P surprised me, he'd booked a room, me being me said we can't stay I've got no toothbrush or clean knickers. Not problem, P said, and went out to the car and brought an overnight bag back with him, he hadn't brought me any clothes but he'd thrown some toiletries in, said I could go knickerless in the morning after he'd dealt with me for over imbibing.

So up we went, I was more than ready for some hotel slap and tickle, P made out I'd really overdone the drinking, which wasn't at all true but I didn't argue, and started spanking me on the bed, we were both conscious of the noise but he was increasing his pace anyway when suddenly an alarm siren sounded, it was the fire alarm. It went for about twenty seconds and then stopped, but we'd already got up off the bed and started getting dressed, we assembled outside the front of the hotel with other guests, very chold, and the night manager finally came and told us it was alright and he was sorry, there had been a small fire in the kitchen but it was in an annexe building and we could all go back inside. A fire engine turned up as we were filing in, I'm not sure hotel's fire drills are quite up to the mark, I thought it should be down to the fire crew to give the all clear and wave the guests back in.

My spanking didn't resume, we got back to our room and went to bed, to sleep, I could hear the couple in the next room still talking as I drifted off, maybe it had been an excitement for them but it had been a frustration for me. Never mind, true to his word early next morning and under cover of Sky's breakfast news playing a bit louder than necessary and an empty cold shower running, P did spank me and it was a sound one too and I loved it and when he stopped I wiggled my backside for more. He said 'I don't know, don't you ever get enough, I don't know what to do with you next' but he did, I made sure of it, and it was delightful and hot and exhausting and I loved it.

After showering he took me down to breakfast, sans knickers, and made me sit, and I squirmed about in my seat a bit self consciously because I always feel everybody knows after I've been spanked, and because my bum was roasting, and we chatted and sipped tea. Neither of us was hungry after eating late, it just felt nice being there, several other guests were breakfasting, I bet I was the only one without knickers and a sore backside.



PK said...

I have to say P is a very good fellow! I'm glad you got this mini-vacation and such a good spanking to go along with it.

But I really would like to know the story behind that cake - something about it makes me wonder if you were the only one there with a sore bottom!


Anonymous said...

A night away from home, a party, and a spanking sounds like fun!

Meow said...

It sounds wonderful, except for the fire drill part! I love that secret feeling when I'm out in public after a spanking. The cake is very funny and I also wonder about their possible spanko life. Meow

Hermione said...

It all sounds like a lot of fun. You're right, nobody would have thought anything of your taking a pic of the cake.

The last time I stayed in a hotel I heard the fire alarm, and the smoke detector, both sounding intermittently which means stand by. Every so often, a woman would make an announcement over a loudspeaker, but it was in the hall and I couldn't make out the words. So I had to get dressed and stand by the door, waiting for the next announcement to see if I needed to walk down 20 flights of stairs. (I didn't.)


Florida Dom said...

Sounded like you had a lot of fun at the party and the hotel but I wonder what the bakers thought when they ordered that cake. LOL.


ronnie said...

PK, Kitten, Meow, Hermione, FD -

Thanks so much for stopping by I really appreciate it and so sorry not replying to each of your comments but I have so much on today and tomorrow.

I would have loved to have asked them the meaning of the cake.


selkie said...

what a lovely night! despite the fire drill LOL- and I wonder too if your friends are in the same mindset ... god, I would be dying of curiousity.

ronnie said...

Selkie - I was dying to ask them but didn't feel it was quite right.


Daisychain said...

(sigh....) You have the most wonderful adventures!
Just wait till Davey gets here, I will have stuff to report then, be sure of it!
Of course...that will be some time away yet.... :(
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx