Monday, 12 October 2009

Reporter risks spanking to get her story

Reading the Sunday Time Review this weekend, I came across an interview with Max Mosley the FI boss, conducted by Camilla Long, poor girl she should have had a minder with her. I'm sure Mr Moseley was joking but at the end of the interview he told the reporter that if he didn't like the piece she published on him he'd call her up and arrange to spank her. She apparently left his office blushing.

Reminds me of a snippet I captured ages ago, its a reporter sent to interview the owner of a riding school which has been rumoured to have unusual disciplinary methods. True or false,
I'll leave you to guess, here it is...............

Interview with The Riding Master

The school is immaculately kept. Tree-lined drive, fields to either side, glimpses of girls on ponies, somebody’s jumping over piles of white polystyrene bricks, it’s 7.50am Saturday, they’re obviously enthusiastic, my appointment is for 8.00am sharp.

I’m sitting in a comfortable office, there’s a window to the corridor, a couple of women walk past, one looks in and seeing me nods. Friendly. At 8.00 the owner, Pieter van Eyck, walks into the room and strides towards me, hand outstretched, confident, warm smile, we introduce ourselves and he offers me coffee. I start the interview while he’s pouring from a jug on a corner table.

So, Pieter, tell me about how you came to take over the school.

You can call me Mr van Eyck, I think we’ll both be more comfortable with that.

Sorry, of course. Is that what the girls call you?

That and Sir. Now about the school, I’m sure you want a little bit of the background but I think we both know your story is likely to focus on other aspects. Anyway I took over nearly three years ago after the previous owners put it on the market to retire, it was pretty run down but the area is good and I liked it immediately. A deal was agreed after a few days and within a month I’d started reorganising and refurbishing.

According to reports your membership is over subscribed and there’s a waiting list, what was it like in the early days.

I can tell you exactly, there were 43 members when I took charge and within a week over half of them left. I’m pleased to say that new members took their places quickly enough and we soon recovered and increased membership. The current tally is 102 and we can’t take any more until we get more instructors. We have quite a list of applicants I'm proud to say.

What do you put it down to.

Htt that’s an easy one. Excellent standards and good discipline, the members have pride in what they do and the standards they achieve, just look around the walls at the awards. Htt it speaks for itself.

He uses ‘Htt’ a lot, I don’t know if its an affliction or normal speech in his country.

And the good discipline?

I knew that wouldn’t be far down your list. Htt well it’s been wrongly reported that the school is a cover for exotic goings on but I can assure you that is far from the truth. I do have very high standards of discipline in all matters, personal business and leisure. To achieve and compete successfully a person needs discipline, I help members attain that.

Tell me how.

I make rules. They are always sensible, fair and imposed for good reasons. If a girl breaks those rules she is disciplined, the discipline can take many forms but most normally it's corporal as that seems to be the most effective.

I noticed you said ' if a girl breaks the rules', does that mean you don't have male members and when you say corporal you do mean physical admonishment, could you please clarify that.

Htt. It's plain enough, I don't exclude male membership but the overwhelming demand comes from women. As for 'corporal', in plain words I spank them.

How, can you describe how you would do that.

Well I'm sure you know what a spanking is, childhood days and all that. I'm dealing with adult girls here of course and my spankings take that into account as well as the offence and frequency, a typical spanking will be carried out with a cane or riding crop, occasionally a strap. The recipient is always treated respectfully, never unclothed and there is never any sexual interaction if that was going to be your next question.

I'm disarmed by the frankness of his answer. I feel awkward.

I notice some of the photos on the wall have girls in tight pants, some are holding whips provocatively, one has a girl whose wrists seem to be chained behind her back. Can you explain them.

Of course. The correct attire for riding includes jodhpurs which are

often worn tight fitting, some of the girls perhaps like to display their attributes more than others and that's up to them, as for the whips well there has always been innuendo attached to riding crops and whips, they do tend to look provocative in the hands of an attractive person but that's about as far as it goes.

And the girl with her wrists chained?

Htt. I can tell you precisely, that is Joanna, the photo was taken about a week ago after she'd been caned for an offence I won't go into, the photo serves a a reminder and warning against further infractions. The reason for the tied wrists is frankly that Joanna has been known to gratify herself after previous punishments, I mean gratify herself in a sexual way you understand. I will not have that kind of behaviour so her wrists were restrained, not in an unkind way, but to prevent her gaining satisfaction.

I notice she seems to be rubbing her bottom
My dear, if you had just been caned for the offence Joanna had committed you too would be rubbing your bottom, I can assure you, and deservedly so.

I feel my face flush, I'm temporarily lost for words. Mr van Eyck interjects.
I'll send you some of the photos, Jenny, I know pictures make a story more colourful. If you want to get an in depth perspective on the school why don't you attend a few sessions, I can grant you temporary membership, you'll see what goes on first hand. You do ride don't you?

I have ridden years ago but badly.
Htt. We'll soon change that, why don't you give it some thought, just call me. Now I really must got, I have a class in ten minutes and some preparation to do.

He hands me his card with his mobile number and he's away. I see him stride along the corridor through the window, a woman comes to show me out, she's the one who nodded to me earlier. She asks me if I'll be joining them, I tell her I'm thinking about it and leave. I haven't learned enough, my editor will want more, I feel in my bag to make sure I tucked his card away safely.


I wonder if I could make a series of little interviews, I mean they would be fiction, with a Fireman, a Headmaster, a Banker, a Politician, a Businesswoman, etc.... what do you think?


PK said...

I think a series would be great. As for the riding school - could you print that number? I haven't ridden in years but suddenly I have the urge!


Sara said...

Well done and fun! I'd love to read a series. Sara

PS. getting back on a horse after, in the jodhpers, would REALLY hurt!

ronnie said...

PK - Thanks. LOL, I will if I can come,

Sara - Thank you. I've got the jodhpurs but no horse :)

Thanks both.


Hermione said...

A series would be a wonderful idea!

I used to have a German riding instructor and oh, my, the sight of him holding a lunging whip was....

I have long since discarded my riding breeches and boots, but still have my spurs.


P.S. I wonder why Mosley threatened to spank the reporter. Wasn't he on the receiving end?

Florida Dom said...

The series sounds like a lot of fun.


1manview said...

if there are as interesting as this one, I say yes... Sounds great...

ronnie said...

Hermione - Now that I would have liked to have seen :)

FD - That's what it would be

Imanview - Thanks.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have all participated in Love our Lurkers Day.


Anonymous said...

Per usual Ronnie, you're killing me. Just two stops left I'm thinking... you then PK. I come by as I've missed you this weekend for a quick response and you've got me responding after reading your "interview". My official answer is my dear: If you continue these formats, I'll find myself needing cuffed after reading them!! Quite a predicament you'll get me into!! I hope you'll reconsider...... start up tomorrow!!!! Now it's off to PK and she better make it easier on me....

Our Bottoms Burn said...

One the best and original stories I have seen in some time.

ronnie said...

KayLynn - Your like a whirlwind, you do make me laugh.

Our Bottom Burns - Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting when you must have had loads of blogs you wanted to visit.