Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Post Mortem - Not Really

I'd been thinking about what happened on Sunday, neither of us mentioned it until late Monday night, when I got up slowly off the couch to go make a drink, he noticed and asked me if my knee was playing up, no I said, my bum's a bit sore, has been all day.

''Won't be the first time. Or the last,'' he said, and I thought that was it but when I came back in with two drinks he asked me if I'd expected him to spank me that hard. I told him the truth, I hadn't, and he told me he hadn't intended to but then he remembered our little chat in the restaurant last week and he never acted on them, and he thought perhaps this was an occasion when he ought to especially with the bad language I'd used and my general comments which were provocative. Hmm...I'd thought that might have been the case, so what was I to say, I mean I'd pretty much brought it on.

''But you seemed bad tempered,'' I said.

''Well if I'd been all jolly and smiles it would hardly have seemed like teaching you a lesson would it.'' he went on, ''....anyway I genuinely was annoyed. But I wouldn't have spanked you like that if it hadn't been for the little chat, so tell me, did I get it wrong?''

''No, on reflection I think probably I did, not making myself clear and then not recognising a situation. Trying to manipulate or engineer something which you could really say is really an act of violence isn't so easy, I'm not sore about it. Well not that sore, if you'll pardon the pun.'' I smiled.

He came and sat next to me on the couch. ''Maybe we both got it wrong,'' he said.
And that was the end of the matter, hardly a post mortem, just airing a few simple home truths.

I'll be careful of those little chats in future, or at least I'll be careful for the week following them.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes the wires get crossed and communication doesn't work clearly.. At least you both were able to work things out and discuss the matter...

Big Hugs,

Meow said...

Sounds like you both have something to think about. Having something feel wrong when I thought I wanted it can really throw me off stride. It takes a while to get back into step with each other again. Hope it happens soon for you two! Meow

Hermione said...

It's good that you were able to talk about it. That's always the hardest part for me, but I'm always glad when we clear the air.


PK said...

I think it was a fine talk. You both understand better and no one is hurt, angry or wondering.


Measha said...

I can relate to the "it just felt wrong". It's happened here before, too. The talk that follows it always helps to clear the air and almost brings us closer together.

It was something you went through together as a couple. Still on the journey together holding hands...if one stumbles the other may loose their footing, too, for a minute..then you both right yourselves out and keep walking together, fingers linked.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I'm glad you cleared the air and he said you both could have been wrong. As I said before, the stress you're both dealing with could be a factr but it sounds like you have everything worked out.

Congrats and good luck and thanks for sharing such a personal experience. I think in the blogs, it's a chance for people to let their hair down.


ronnie said...

Kitten - I hate it when wires get crossed but you can't always help it.

Meow - Were back in step :). Thank you.

Hermione - It is for me as well.

PK - Your right. I'm glad to say neither of us are angry in fact quite the opposite :)

Measha - It is good to talk but not always so easy. I love that "keep walking together, fingers linked". Thank you.

FD - Your more than welcome. Yes it's not something you can tell your vanilla friends about :)

Thank you so much for your comments and topping by, I really do appreciate it.


Radha said...

Ok, so my previous comment may have been way off base about being hot and sexy. I am glad that you both communicated your discomfort about what happened. Still, I'm glad you wrote it because wrong as it might have seemed, I still enjoyed reading about your dynamic. And a secret: I'm not all that impressed with Krishna's DIY projects (most of the time, but not all of that time) and now from you, I've learned a bit about keeping my comments in check. :)

Sending lots of love,

ronnie said...

Radha, thanks. LOL about Krishna's DIY, will learn to keep my comments to myself but then again that's not me :).

I hope all's well with you.