Friday, 30 October 2009

Help with Blogger please

This is really annoying and driving me crazy, it's taking all the fun out of blogging, well not all of it but it's very frustrating.

This is the problem -

I click onto my blog and reply to comments, fine some of the time.
Then I pop over to somebody else's blog read post, go to comment but the comment page doesn't load, it says connecting, I sit there and wait but doesn't connect. I give up and go back to my blog or over to another and the same thing happens, it just doesn't connect. This is happening increasingly.

If you don't see a comment from me sometimes I'm sorry but you now know why, it's because I've shut the lid and opened a bottle of red or taken an illegal substance to calm me down.

I wonder if anybody else has this happen or possibly any idea as to what the problem could be. Happens both at home and work, different ISP's, so its not down to them

I would appreciate if anyone can suggest any reasons or solutions or even to know it's not just me Blogger hates.



Hermione said...

Ronnie - I'm sorry, I have no idea what's wrong. Odd that it's happening in two places. I used to have a lot of trouble when I had a dial-up connection. It took five minutes for the comments box to open up - I timed it!

The only thing I can think of is perhaps if you connection isn't really speedy, you need to slow down and be patient? That seems to be the cure for certain folks at work who always seem to have problems with programs crashing all the time - they click too much!

Perhaps the transatlantic cable is broken?

Maybe someone else has some insight.


Anonymous said...


I'm having the same sort of problem. Not just with blogs, but, everything.

After 3 calls and two visits, I've finally convinced the cable company to reinstall everything.

In the short term, I've found that if after a few seconds, click the stop button in the browser (the X), then the refresh button. That seems to help most of the time.

FunKayLynn said...

Ummm ya... sorry I forgot to check into this for you... my bad (oh don't read that Grace!) I did check via "in private" browsing Ronnie and had no probs. Try right clicking the option and throwing it another tab? OK I'm done with 'brilliant' solutions for the day! Certainly before I began! If you feel you must be heard (as I laways do) post your commments on your site (throw up some ads & increase your traffic!) I'll be checking back at least every five minutes....

Sara said...

Sigh, no idea...IT Idiot here....BUT I just wrote a long comment to KayLynn and Blogger ate it. Where do these things go anyway?

FunKayLynn said...

Hi Sara,

I'll contact blogger. Thanks for letting me know.


Hermione said...

FunKayLynn - good luck with that! Rarely are people allowed to contact Blogger. the best you can do is go to a site where, if you're lucky, someone who knows about Blogger will help you.

But you don't really want to draw attention to your blog and its subject matter, do you? They will want to know your URL.


ronnie said...

Well my comment page opened but I know once I've finished here I wont be able to connect to someone else's

Hermione - Don't think it's anything to do with speed of connection.

Anon - hello, sorry your having problems as well. Will try your suggestion. Thanks.

KayLynn - Emailed you in case you haven't read comment from Hermione.

Thanks all.



I have never had this problem with blogger.

Have you tried using a different web browser, to see if that is the problem? I use Flock.


Meow said...

I often have to click the post comment button 3 times to get my comment to post. Grrrr! Blogger can be very frustrating! Meow

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - No haven't using Google Chrome at the moment. Will try Flock, thanks.

Meow - It really is annoying Meow.

Thanks both.


Hermione said...

I thought Prefectdt's suggestion was a good one. If you use IE you may have trouble - I did. We had to give up on it at home. Chrome should be okay, though. Or try Firefox - that's what I use.

Good luck!

Dave The Rave said...

I have this issue every now and then. Mine asks for my "Word VErification", then it says comment didn't post. You have to hit the button again and then enter the password. Granted, it doesn't ork every time, but I do eventually get thru.

I will copy/past this and then e-mail you after it has posted to let you know how many times it took to get on.

Maybe the IT people at Blogger all need spanked! (*wink*)