Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Now I don't know if I told you, ages ago we bought some riding crops from a genuine equestrian supplier. They were different colours, very well made and excellent value. Since then I get periodic sales promo emails from them, one of which arrived in my inbox yesterday and item no.1 was saddles, the dressage girth caught my eye too but that's another story. So off I clicked to the saddles clearance section, curious you understand, I mean having a leather business and all that. When I got there, well......... just appealed to me. Then I noticed the words - durability - discipline - schooling - what's hot - and I became quite flushed I can tell you. I've always fancied a saddle even though it would be unlikely to make contact with a horse, perhaps an early Christmas present.



PK said...

I think it is lovely - good luck on that. You reminded me of something Nick said years ago - back when we were still dating. We went to a rodeo type gathering where there were some lovely saddles for sale. Out of the blue Nick turned to me and said "If I bought one, would you wear it?" LOL! Maybe the boy did have tendencies!!


selkie said...

a saddle, eh? possibilities DO come to mind.. gotta love those crops though ... D. and I used to head out to the Royal Agricultural Fair JUST to visit the building where all the vendors sold the riding stuff - crops galore!

Florida Dom said...

Sounds like a great early Christmas present to me. Can't wait to see the looks on your friends' faces when they asked you what you got for Christmas and you say a saddle. LOL. And I assume you have to add a riding crop, too, right.


Meow said...

I've always loved the leather perveribles around barns and stables! Meow

Lessa said...

oehhhhhhhhhhhh.. now do you know what you are wishing for.... mmmmm... the crops are yummie.. but that saddle... grinnnnnnnn and that girth stays away from

Anonymous said...

I'm like Meow, get me in a barn and all I can think about it is... well ....I also love love love the smell of leather. Greg bought a few leather jackets and all I could do was cuddle my nose into him when he wore it. Now a saddle... I guess it makes the crop work better? Have P confirm this would you please!

Harriet said...

I think buying items from a genuine equestrian supplier is always the right thing to do Ronnie. I work as an equine dentist and I always purchase my equine dental supplies from reputable companies. I always believe you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

ronnie said...

PK - I can't see me getting one. Maybe you could ask remind Nick of that time, get him to buy you one and tell us all about it LOL.

Selkie - I've always fancied having a saddle and oh yes I do love the crop.

FD - LOL, or what would I say if I had it on display in the lounge. The crop I already have.

Meow - Oh yes, stables, now your talking.

Lessa - What is it about saddles and crops, mmmmm.

KayLynn - I wished me lived in the country, oh the possibilities. I'm the same, I love the smell of leather. I will have P confirm that if I ever get he use of a saddle :)

ronnie said...

Harriet - Hello and welcome, thanks for stopping by and yes I agree. The crops we bought are very good quality.


mouse said...

ronnie, that does sound brimming with possibilities.


Daisychain said...

Mmmm...Are you selling the crops, Ronnie? If so, you may just have a buyer for one here....we LOVE the riding crop, but mine broke on my last trip to all unravelled and the flicky tip bit came off!We left it under the, wondered what the cleaner would think when it was found.... wouldn't be linked back to us, as, judging from the dust I disturbed shoving it under, its a little cleaned area!
Hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Mouse - Yes, my minds working overtime.

Daisy - LOL, we've done that as well, left one under the matresses.
I'll send you the link so you can buy one ready for Davey as a present. There not very expensive and well made.

Thanks both.


hayley said...

Ronnie, i found a pretty good equestrian clearance site if you are serious about a sadlle! yes leather adds a great sense of fun me and my hubby start out with a tiny leather whip someone gave my husband for a joke and now we have a collection!