Monday, 7 September 2009

Why we have sex

"I have just made an interesting discovery. If you are a women looking for a shag, then reading a book called 'Why Women Have Sex' is the way to do it" says journalist Daisy Goodwin in yesterday's Sunday Times Review. The book is written by David Buss and Cindy Meston (Head of 'Women's Orgasm Committee' for the World Health Organisation - yes I could hardly believe it too but it's true).

They interviewed over 1000 women and came up with some interesting and amusing reasons why the fair sex say yes, including to get presents, because they feel sorry for the guy,. it helps their migraines, it gives them a clearer complexion (Joan Crawford), it goes on.

Apparently size matters but more likely the dimension of his wallet than his equipment. One women reported having sex with a guy with a 9" x 3" penis and said "it took some effort to get it in but once it was in it could barely move, one of the least satisfying sexual encounters ever".

Don't know about you guys, I must be in another world as the article didn't fit my profile at all. Maybe I should write to the head of the women's orgasm committee at the W.H.O. and let her know she needs to do more research.

And by the way, does W.H.O. have a men's orgasm committee or should that be ejaculation committee? If not why not?



Anonymous said...

Based on the comments that fly through my house with young and older men joining the bantor, some of us members of the fairer sex aren't exactly so "fair" to our opposite sex. To say we're a mystery and worthy of study would be a polite way of saying in my mind: Do any of you understand yourselves? And I'll politely answer saving thousands of dollars "Hell NO! It's a crap shoot on any given day - Give it your best shot and after the dark chocolate, I'll get back to you"

Spanky said...

I don't know about you, but I'd like to have "Women's Orgasm Committee" for the WHO on my resume! Or at least get invited to the meetings. What do you suppose they do?

Hermione said...

I've read online articles about that subject, and the comments women leave are mind-boggling! Quite a few either say they've never had an orgasm, or ask what an orgasm is, or say they aren't sure if they've had one or not.

Men, on the other hand, always know.

I love your Sunday paper finds, Ronnie.


M:e said...

They definitely need to do more research!! Maybe we should offer our

love and hugs xxx

Tiggs said...

How does one apply for a position on that committee?

Great post!

Spanking Photo Blog said...

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Daisychain said...

You always amaze me with the articles you find, Ronnie.... Someone should tell P you have too much spare time on your hands, LOLOL
Love n hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: With newspapers looking to boost their circulation, I think they need to includes on that subject. Now this is a subject that would be interesting to research. And keep your eyes open for more articles like this.


ronnie said...

KayLynn - Agree, who want's men to understand us anyway :)

Spanky - The mind boggles on what they do at their meetings

Hermione - Thank you. I read a survey that stated 70% of women have never climaxed during sex and your right, some say they don't know if they've had one or not, which I find totally amazing :)

M:e - I wonder what the ages of these women would be?

Tiggs - Thanks. I'll let you know when I've been in touch with them LOL

SPB - Thank you for your link, will take a look.

Daisy - Are you trying to get me into trouble :)

FD - Hi. Will do. Apparently a few of our national newspapers carried the story.

Thanks for your comments, really appreciate you all stopping by.