Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Things come in Threes

I think that's what they say anyway, I'm not sure if its 'Good things come in threes' or 'Bad things come in threes' or whether the saying is generic. Anyway in this case I guess it would depend which side of the paddle you're on. I know which side I'd rather be.



Anonymous said...

Count me in your company!!

Florida Dom said...

Another great picture, Ronnie. Nothing like bright red bottoms. Maybe that piccture will give P some inspiration.


Tiggs said...

Lovely pic... lovely thoughts... all warm and toasty! Such a beautiful shade of pink!

Biggest hugs!

M:e said...

For some reason, the line 'three little maids from school are we' just came into my

Great picture.

love and hugs xxx

PK said...

Girl I'm gonna be standing right next to you!!


Lessa said...

mmmmm, I so do agree with you... good things certainly come in 2...

love, Lessa

Hermione said...

I'm a bit late coming to this one, but yes, I've always believed in good things coming in threes. And in this case it's three pairs - even better!


ronnie said...

Thanks and sorry for not commenting to each of you. I really appreciate you stopping by.

M:e - had to google "three little maid from school" didn't know that one :)


Mrs M said...

Sorry this is late, but love the picture like Tiggs mentioned - these girls certainly look warm and toasty ;-)

And I am most certainly agree with your choice of side!

Mrs M

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Mrs M - your never too late. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good weekend.


Lash said...

Ronnie-Tiggs said it all. How do you find all of your pictures that haven't been already used? It's always a treat to visit you blog. Hugs, Lash