Monday, 28 September 2009

Paying the rent

Britain's Stately homes and castles are turning to upper crust sex orgies and S&M parties to help pay the bills, according to the Sunday Times.

Apparently they are offering their homes for film shoots, well heeled city boy parties, kinky fancy dress do's for the elite and dungeon breaks costing guests up to £3,000 which include all the latest S&M gear and they even throw in a professional dungeon mistress.

Demand is high throughout the year and although owners maintain their main trade is upper crust weddings they have no problem with them coexisting with couples downstairs trying out the latest in shackles, stretching racks, whipping posts and appendage clamps.

However not all owners are told the whole truth and one wealthy estate agent who was under the impression his grade I listed home had been rented out for a posh party returned unexpectedly to find his drive full of Porches, BMW's and Aston Martins, and over 300 revellers in full swing. Despite noting the long cloaks and masks he thought not too much of it until at the stroke of midnight topless dancers appeared, masks and cloaks hit the floor and party goers stripped to leather pants, corsets and suspenders and started having sex over the banisters and under the chandeliers.

Such goings on, eh. Never been invited to one myself, sounds fun though.



PK said...

Well if you should get an invitation ask them if you can bring friends from across the pond!!


selkie said...

you're kidding? They're really doing that! LOL - how the mighty have fallen ... or is it merely the continuation of a long tradition ...grins.

Measha said...

I agree with PK, ask how many friends you can bring with. :-)


Tapestry said...

I LOVE this! Such a great idea, and a very creative way to raise funds. I'm sure they've checked into all the insurance and liability stuff, so go for it! The world needs more venues for safe, sane, consensual adult activities.

Brambleberry Blush said...

What a great idea. Let's throw a party! Who has a spare $million?


Florida Dom said...

I guess it's hard to make ends meet these days when you own a castle.

Good luck in trying to get on the invite list. LOL.


Hermione said...

I love it! What a creative way to raise the necessary money to keep the estate going.

Too bad they didn't think of that on the TV program Monarch of the Glen. It would have brought in more money than guided tours and high teas.


Eliane said...

I have to start buying the Sunday Times again. I'm missing all the good stuff!!

ronnie said...

PK - LOL, somehow I don't think I would get one.

Selkie - Yes defininely a continuation of a long tradion :)

Measha - I'll let you know :)

Tapestry - Thought it a great idea, I'd never heard about it before.

Carly - You can hire a Scottish castle from around £3,000 for a party for 14.

FD - LOL, I've heard some of our richest are strugling to make ends meet and some are down to their last couple of million :)

Hermione - Monarch of the Glen LOL, certainly would have got more viewers :)

Elaine - I always take a look to see if there's anything I can share :)

Thanks all.


radha said...

Sounds like great fun! I wonder what they'd think of my little old Jeep parked amongst all the Bmws and Porches?!

ronnie said...

Radha - It would blend in very nicely :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh, now if you can make it an international party indeed... I'd love an interesting evening in a castle.. even already have a fitting dress to wear... and hey, I want the most romantic bedroom to spend the rest of the night.. grinnnnnnnnnnnn

ronnie said...

Lessa - Oh such a lovely idea.
Thanks for stopping by.