Monday, 21 September 2009


Two weekends two spankings, both unexpected, I'll be on tenterhooks to see if he makes it three in a row towards the end of this week. Anyway I'm not counting my chickens, I'll tell you about what happened not what might.

Friday evening P's mother called and asked if he'd mind taking her to the supermarket on Saturday and could he wait and drop her back off home because she needed quite a bit of shopping to do, she had some visitors coming unexpectedly and staying over. P of course said yes but would have to do it early as he had to meet someone later in the morning which was true.

He asked me if I could do it but I declined
saying I needed to catch up on some laundry which was also true but hardly urgent. Truth was I didn't want to get dragged into a supermarket shopping excursion with his mom, he always manages to cut it short as she knows his tolerance level for grocery shopping is low, but another woman is expected to show some interest in picking this and that from the shelves and chillers. Anyway no issue was made of it and P went and picked her up just after eight.

He came back about twenty past eight, I said hi what did you forget, he'd left his mom for half an hour or so to fill her trolley and he'd be going back for her after he'd taught me a little lesson for being unhelpful. I hardly had time to object, he took me by the arm made me bend over the back of the settee, I hadn't even showered and was still in my dressing gown, he flipped the gown up to my back and gave me such a walloping I yelped and had to bite on a chunk of cushion to suppress my distress.

Now don't get me wrong this wasn't a punishment, but nor was it erotic, or perhaps it was in its own way, P was perfectly decent humoured, he just felt I needed a little correction which I undoubtedly did, it was shocking and exhilarating and painful. And it left me quite flushed I can tell you when P dashed off to collect his mom with a cheery 'Be a bit more thoughtful next time'.


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Lurvspanking said...

And you earned every swat. :)


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

That would not make me more thoughtful lol...

I don't blame you for declining the mother inlaw shopping expidition...Gawd! That would be extreme punishment lol...

Karen x

Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

Makes me wonder what I can get into to deserve some correction...hmmmm. ;)


Tiggs said...

Ooooh! This tickles all the right buttons in my mind and leaves me longing, deeply longing. Unfortunately, I'm coughing so badly now that one smack would send me in fits of gasping for air. Come to think of it, maybe that's EXACTLY what I need... and Dante IS starting to feel better. Hmmm...

Measha said...

Sounds like a great way to start the day off to me!


Anonymous said...

So you were asking a while back for the disciplinary type spankings. Are you pleased? I am thinking that it was pretty darn close to being such, as had you taken her shopping, you'd not have gotten one... But P's spankings usually seemed such to me. Your are the lucky woman!!

Hermione said...

I agree with FunKayLynn. That's definitely disciplinary in my books. You are very lucky!


PK said...

Kaylynn and Hermione may be right but what ever it was between it and shopping with your MIL you got the best end of the deal!!


Tapestry said...

You definitely got the best part of that situation, lol.

And I think it can still be disciplinary even if the Top or HOH is in a good mood. In fact I rather object to giving discipline while in an angry or bad frame of mind as it keeps one from being aware and objective. Just my opinion, of course, and either way, what a nice lesson to be taught. :)

Wonder what next weekend will bring...


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Sounds like P is enjoying giving you some correction. And you're probably enjoying it, too. You probably got the best end of that deal -- you didn't have to do the shopping and you got a good spanking.


Sara said...

That would convince me to ALWAYS say "No" to errands with the MIL!!!!

Daisychain said...

Hahaha, that SO served you right! You could have got him to drop her off, explaining you didnt want to get caught shopping WITH her, but agree that you would collect her afterwards....
OR, put the washing in the machine and taken her while waiting for it to finish, but said you had lots to do at home, so you would both need to be quick...
Anyway, sounded like a wonderful discipline spanking to me, yummy....
not an idea I can pinch though, as my MIL lives in another country!
Hugs, heres looking forward to NEXT weekend.... (WEG)
xxxxxxxxx Daisy xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

LS - That's what P said to me later :)

Karen - LOL, your so right. Thanks.

Luna - If you come up with any please pass them on :)

Tiggs - Sorry, didn't know you were still feeling bad, hope your feeling better soon.

Measha - It certainly put a spring in my step :)

KayLynn - I think your right, wasn't contrived, very unexpected and yes more of the same please :)

Hermione - Thank you, I think I am. No, I know I am :)

Tapestry - I like to hear your opinion and think I would have to agree with you. Thank you.

FD, Never thought of it like that but your both right. Thanks.

PK - Could certainly stand more :)

Sara - Wont work all the time.

Daisy - Whose side are you on:) If I had collected the MIL, she would have expected me to go in a have a cup of tea and that I didn't want to do either.

Thanks all for stopping by, sorry if any typos but have to dash out of office for an hour or so and I've been up since 3.30 am.


Anonymous said...

Fun story. A happy spanking for sure.