Friday, 18 September 2009

Flash Fiction Friday - The Wife

He rejected me. I feel stupid, he's so busy, I should have known.

I thought it would please him, I've planned it for days, chores undone, misplaced socks, crumpled shirts, the dress hire shop, fancy dress party I'd lied, and finally the note on the kitchen table detailing my failings, surely I deserved to be punished. But he didn't punish, he asked what was for dinner, said if I was too pushed we'd hire a domestic, said the uniform was nice and sat down with his laptop. I'm upstairs now, he'll come looking for me I know he will, he loves me.

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Spanky said...

Welcome back Ronni! This post packed a lot of emotion into just a few words; I liked it!

Anonymous said...

Good plot with so much desperation. I ache for the poor thing. You and Poppy were on a similar wavelength.

Hermione said...

What a cute outfit! Some guys just don't get it!


Measha said...

I liked this a lot. It's amazing at all of the different scenarios that come out of one picture.

Anonymous said...

Very emotional story revealing the distance created by indifference.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Very good writing. You really did a good job. Enjoyed reading it.


Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

All that and no spankin?? The hell you say. ;)

I felt her frustration. Nice one, Ronnie!

MarQe's Study said...

Personally I would like NEVER miss a French Maid laying bottom up anywhere !! Great little tale , Thanks for your comment also Ronnie x

ronnie said...

Spanky - Thanks. Excellent FFF's again this week.

KayLynn - Your right about Poppy's, we were on the same wavelengh. I enjoyed your FF.

Hermione - I have one similar and I might just have to put it to use now :)

Measha - I very much enjoyed yours. Each one is different.

LS - Thank you.

FD - Glad you enjoyed it.

Luna - Thank you for saying that, it's exactly what I was trying for.

MarQe's Study - I'm sure you wouldn't. Thanks.

Thank you all for taking time to stop by.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the short story! Good job!

The Temptress said...

Yeah I think she is just fooling herself. (But I might be a little prejudiced.) Anyway, very nicely written.

ronnie said...

Kitten - Hi, thanks.

The Temptress - hello and welcome. Thanks, your FFF was very good.

Thank you both for stopping by.


Mrs M said...

Fantastic flash fiction once again Ronnie,I really do enjoy the pictures you find and the little stories that go along with it!

I hope this maid one day finds the punishment she desires ;-)

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Mrs M - hello. Thank you. Not my pic, this story was for Flash Fiction Friday started by Spanky and Tiggs.

Pop over to Spanky's and read other FFF's there excellent and maybe join in.

Thanks for stopping by.