Monday, 14 September 2009

Do not disturb

No culture for me to report on from the weekend press, just a follow up from my post on Friday and it certainly isn't culture. Those who saw my Friday post will know I got spanked Friday morning and made to walk to work, without reason, at least at the time. It was the most unusual start to a Friday, I didn't ask him why when I got to the office (even though I was dying to, it was for him to tell me), just went about my jobs, we were quite busy. Had some shelves delivered, P had to go to a meeting in the afternoon and was out for the evening.

Saturday P asked me to help him move the shelves to our second office (extra space for the new business) which is upstairs, then after he'd got them marked I could go off and he'd fix them. There's nothing in the office yet except a desk, it overlooks the park. I was looking out the window after we'd marked the last shelf, I felt P's breath on my neck and his hands reached under my arms and grabbed my tits ''I suppose you're wondering why I spanked you yesterday'' he said. I told him no, I hadn't wondered at all (liar) and the walk to work had done me good. P let his right hand drop from fondling of my breast and he gave me a couple of sharp slaps to my bum which sounded very loud in the empty room. ''Peter's in working, I saw another light on too,'' I said, ''they'll hear.'' But P had a plan, he went and locked the door, took his drill from his toolbox and set it going on a low buzz. ''Now they won't'' he said, as he came over to the window took me by the arm and steered me towards the empty desk.

''I spanked you yesterday for attitude,'' he said as I was bent compliantly over the desk.
''What attitude?'' I was genuine.
''Thursday night,'' he said, ''the wine, you remember, and you know I couldn't say anything at the time in front of guests.'' By now he'd undone my jeans and his hand was down the front of my knickers, I could feel his bulge pressing from behind and I was getting wet, it was no time for arguing.
''I do remember now, I wanted an extra glass nothing wrong with that,'' I said and pushed my backside into his crotch. I knew what he was getting at, he'd been telling me about my weight and he reckoned wine was about 300 cals per glass but I know he wasn't going to argue either, not with his cock straining as it was.

''Well let it be lesson to you,'' was all he said, he does like to feel he's had the upper hand. Then his fly unzipped and I felt his trousers drop and join my jeans bunching against my ankles, my panties were quickly thumbed down to my thighs and I felt the full extent of his arousal probing between my cheeks, for a moment I thought he was considering a backdoor assault which I wouldn't have allowed in the circumstances, but then he bent me further forward, found my eager wetness and thrust into me with what I could mildly describe as considerable enthusiasm. I love this kind of thing even though I complain about the noise, not being able to clean up and feeling embarrassed when I pass anyone in the corridor afterwards even though I know they can't possibly know what we've been up to. To cut it short P rogered me good and proper, I came before him and then again just as he was filling me which made him pump even harder and left me just gasping for air.

No tissues, no en suite, I had to take my knickers off to mop up before I dripped onto the carpet. When I put my jeans back on P said naughty girl no knickers, you know what that gets you. Oh god don't start me off again. But it didn't happen because the battery on P's drill was running down anyway so our noise cover was blown.

I went back down to our office, didn't see Peter or anyone on the way thank goodness, I popped my knickers in my handbag and switched the kettle on, just time for a cup of tea before I went shopping, make one for P too. I think I may have more attitude attacks, they make me feel rather good



Spanky said...

ronnie, your writing is plenty hot, despite what you say!

My verification is "epurr". Would have been a good one for Meow or Tiggr!

selkie said...

grins.... sounds like a WONDERFUL response to "attitude" - laughing at the drill to cover your shenanigans!

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...I agree with selkie...The drill cover up made me laugh too...

Oh yeah...The wine is about 100 calories for a small glass of wine lol...

Karen x

PK said...

Do you have to post things like that as Nick is leaving!! Very hot friend! I glad you learned your lesson! LOL!


Anonymous said...

That was such a hot post!

Thank you for sharing :-)

Sara said...

Attitude, huh? I think you need a box of tissues in every room. The new "company policy"!

Meow said...

Wow! Very hot! Attitude? Go for it! Meow

Hermione said...

I think using the drill as coverup noise is brilliant. I can imagine you both stopping while P puts the battery into the recharger. 16 hours later, you're on your way again.

It sounds like the spanking was well worth it!


Anonymous said...

You're totally making me squirm Ronnie! Personally, I'd continue to ask for more wine... You are one lucky woman!!

(And btw I'm due for a new ironing 'bored' cover and thought of you!!)

hugs, KayLynn

Davey said...

um..WOW. Very nice post. Should have had a warning label. My lap top actually sits on my lap....LOL

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Spanky - Your very kind, real life I can write, fiction just doesn't come.

Selkie - I never think I have attitude :) You know, I've always loved the word shenanigans.

Karen - Thanks. I will tell P he got it wrong about the cals in a glass of wine, that should please him :)

PK - Learned my lesson what do you mean LOL. Thanks.

Kitten - Thank you for reading.

Sara - Hello. I like that new company policy, thanks.

Meow - I will. Thanks for your comment.

Hermione - LOL. I think P's drill takes even longer than that to charge

KayLynn - Thank you. LOL the ironing board.

Davey - LOL what can I say to that.

Thank you all for stopping by.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: That was a lot more than just another day at the office. Congrats to P making the office a fun place. LOL.


ronnie said...

FD - LOL, thanks.


1manview said...

I must agree with the others, this was a well written post. Very erotic...

ronnie said...

1manview - hello, thanks for the compliment.