Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Chocolate Willies

Imagine my delight shock when I opened my email this morning! One of my vanilla friends sent it to me with this article, she knows I have a weakness for chocolate, no, not what some of you may have been thinking.

The credit crunch appears to be having little impact on sales of saucy confectionery products, says (Worcestershire based) online mail order firm, The Rude Chocolate Company which has reported a rapid pick-up in sales worldwide.

With a range of novelty chocolates made from the finest Belgian chocolate, including the risqué Rude Chocolate Willy, Kama Sutra line, Rude Boobs and Nipples, chocolate-lovers are ensuring a mouthwatering future for the newly-launched firm. “Rude Chocolates are lovingly-made here in the UK , but are now enjoying a truly global appeal,” said Managing Director, Oliver Craddock. “We’re bucking the current economic trend and just about keeping up with demand. Orders are coming thick and fast from as far afield as Russia and South Africa , the US and Japan with people looking for high quality gift ideas with a difference.

The Rude Chocolate Company continues to innovate, not just with more products being added to the existing range in 2009, but the launch of Rude Chocolate Parties soon to be rolling out across the country. “We have a number of new Rude Chocolates under wraps, but they are sure to tickle the taste buds of everyone who tries them,” added Oliver Craddock.

Just looking at them makes you want to munch (the chocolate you understand).



Sara said...

Ooh, what find! And I was wondering what to get Grant for his birthday. Hmmm, the chocolate Kama Sutra? ;)

M:e said...

Grins...if I'm a VERY good girl this week, perhaps I'll be allowed one as a treat!!

love and hugs xxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Have you ordered yours yet? And looking at the picture, what if you find the chocolate one tastier than the real thing? LOL. And do they have one shaped like a cane?


Tiggs said...

Yummy! Now THAT is something I could sure sink my teeth into (and it wouldn't even complain about me being too rough, lol!)

1manview said...

Mmm, intriguing visuals ease through my mind. Especially tasting your lips after watching you teasingly devouring it.. lol ...

Brambleberry Blush said...

"Willies" is absolutely the BEST name ever! So British. I love that term and I am going start using it at every opportunity.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, that's some good eating! Belgian dark chocolate is my favourite.

I've only seem them locally as miniatures.


ronnie said...

Sara - Good choice, the Kama Sutra ones looks lovely, some erotic positions.

M:e - You deserve one every week :)

FD - LOL Tastier than the real
thing , never :)

Tiggs - Too funny, thanks for the laugh

1manview - Yes some very intriguing visuals come to mind.

Carly - LOL, Willies. I often use that word, glad you like it.

Thanks all.


ronnie said...

Hermione - I've never seen the small ones :) Belgian dark my favourite is as well, mind you I love any dark chocolate.

Thanks for stopping by.


Daisychain said...

The miniatures were modelled on my ex...
Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Daisy you really crack me up.

Thanks for stopping by.