Monday, 24 August 2009

Perfect Pleasures

So there was I driving along when a truck pulled out at traffic lights bearing livery as seen in the pic, I could hardly believe my eyes let alone get my nokia out and in camera mode with one hand on the wheel and pretending I wasn't distracted from driving (do they fine us for taking snapshots with phones as well as talking on them?).

Too good to miss, I checked their website later and its exactly what you'd expect it to be, first time I've
seen such goods in transit.

From the size of the truck I'd say they must be popular. And you in the car in front of me, sorry if I seemed to be pushing you but I wanted to get a closer shot, and if you are the driver of the car in front you now know the phone user behind you on Saturday morning was me. So hi, and if you're reading this we obviously share some common interests so why not say hello:)



Spanky said...

Makes you wonder where they came from, where they were going, and what was in it!

Lessa said...

hahahahahhahaa.. OK.. now it sure does sound interesting indeed.. perfect pleasures.. yummieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: To have a truck that big, they must have quite a demand. You should have keep following them to see where they were going. LOL. Thanks for being alert enough to snap the picture.


Hermione said...

I think P should spank you for taking pictures while driving. Or even for having your cellphone in your hand. That's SO dangerous. Great picture, though!

Now, about the contents of the truck. I wonder if there's any relationship between them and a similarly named Canadian product that I will be featuring on Friday.


ronnie said...

Spanky - we never see anything like that around our neck of the woods, quiet area think must have took the wrong turn.

Lessa - Yes lovely name perfect pleasures

FD - To be honest I as in two minds and nearly did follow it.

Hermione - It was very naughty of me but I was very careful. I did get told off because I had to ask P to transfer it from my Nokia to laptop.

Not sure, it's a UK company but I'll be interested in seeing your post on Friday.

Thank all.


Lash said...

Another plus for traveling to the UK! Great picture, BUT, if Meow did that she would get a AAAC spanking! PLEASE drive carefully.

Hugs. Lash

Mrs M said...

Ronnie, I am glad I am not the only one who takes phone pictures of kink related things in public!

What a find though, I wonder if Ann Summers has big lorries like this?
I have only ever bought in store so I would never know, but it's cool that there is a company maybe becoming as popular as Ann Summers!

Anyways, I envy how you can drive and use your phone - the only thing I can do on it while driving is talk...

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Lash - Hope your feeling better.
P did tell me off about it and I'm sure that wont be the last I hear about it. Thanks for stopping by.

Mrs M - hello. I'm always on the look out:) We never see wagons like this in our area so it was one not to miss. Definitely never seen an Anne Summers delivery wagon.

I'm surprised the photo came out so well as I'm not very good. I think P must have done something to this one. Thanks Mrs M.