Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A moment to reflect

On what's to come...or has it passed?

Sorry I am not sure where the photo came from. If anybody knows, please say.



Spanky said...

Wonderful picture, I really like that! Might make a good theme for a story.

Tiggs said...

Mmmm... that gets my mind racing. I'm betting on it having not happened yet... her butt's too white and she is sitting on it!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Very good photo. What a pensive look on her face. And I'm late but also want you to know I enjoyed your previous post. He certainly knows how to push your buttons.

Lessa said...

don't know the picture Ronnie, but sure do like it...


ronnie said...

Spanky - Thanks. Will look forward to reading that post.

Tiggs - Great minds think alike, I thought the same :)

FD - Thanks. I love the look on her face. See you have an avatar, I like it.

Lessa - Thank you. Hopefully somebody will know.

Thanks all.

Constance said...

I agree with Tiggs. This is a 'before' picture. Her bottom is definitely too white for 'after'.

Daisychain said...

Yes, its a before pic. definitely.

Spanking Photo Blog said...

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ronnie said...

Constance - Yes I agreed with Tiggs, too white and she's sitting on it.

Daisy - We all seem to agree.

Spanking Photo Blog - Thank you. I will take a look

Thank you all for stopping by.