Monday, 3 August 2009

Lady Barclay / Discipline is for the Master

Your not seeing double I have re-posted this one as I've had emails from a couple of people and a comment from Hermione saying thanks for the re-posted story. No no no!! It wasn't a re-post, I just got the links mixed, sorry.

It is a new story following on from the one I posted previously about discipline in a Victorian household, here is the correct link without any confusion. It's a bit strong but she was absolutely out of order and her husband was uncompromisingly firm when it came to discipline be it staff or family.

Sorry don't know how I managed that, I wasn't hung over or anything, did have a long day yesterday in London though at Pure, the fashion exhibition.

Here's an extract.

He looked up at his wife, she was still in her jodhpurs after her morning ride, she was a handsome woman, make any man proud he'd often thought, but he would not have her usurping his authority or abusing the privileges her position as his wife afforded.

He spoke as he rose and turned away from his desk to the walnut cabinet in the corner of his study, where he kept a small selection of canes.''I'm going to thrash you for undermining my authority as master of this house,'' he removed a straight cane with a bound leather handle and closed the cabinet door,''and I hope it will make you think twice before taking matters into your own hands again.''

She unfastened and lowered her jodhpurs, turned and prostrated herself without commotion. She heard him move close behind her and then his thumbs hooked into the waistband of her satin knickers. ''These too, madam, when I say on the bare I mean it."



Spanky said...

I can't wait to read the rest of this tonight when I get home!

Hermione said...

I do remember reading that story. Can't think why I didn't comment. It's so hot!

Thanks for reposting it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ronnie,

Please tell me there's a second part to this story!! I absolutely love it!! Where did you find it?



ronnie said...

Hermione, Spanky, thanks.

KayLynn - hi, did you click the link and read the whole story?

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Ronnie!

Veronica said...

KayLynn - That's a huge compliment coming from you as your writing is excellent. Thank you.


sixofthebest said...

What a beautiful beginning, brought to a beautiful end. Lady Barclay's thrashing upon taking down her jodphurs, revealing lacy knickers, also removed, to bare her bottom, for the cane. Hopefully 25 stinging lashes, of this most painful punishment implement,

sixofthebest said...

This story makes a lot of 'horse sense'. I wish Prince Charles of England, would use this kind of philosphy on his beloved but sometimes naughty wife Pamala, by taking down her britches, and I do mean 'bloomers, and spanking that bare bottom of hers, with a riding whip. good and proper. Don't you agree?.