Monday, 10 August 2009

Blogger got me spanked

This never would have happened if Blogger didn't go pear-shaped every now and again. Sometimes the text in my posts goes bigger, sometimes it changes colour, for no apparent reason, sometimes adding a picture affects it but not always, I mentioned it to P, he said maybe the template needs re-setting. That sounded boring, I didn't mention it again. Now if I had taken a look and managed to fix it, and if I'd told him I had, I wouldn't have ended up in trouble on the weekend.

You see, P was doing his usual Saturday morning catch-up at the office and he called me and asked me if I had a certain business card, he'd looked on my desk but couldn't find it, it was a card we were given by a Spanish supplier at a recent fashion show which I'd thrown away because I didn't like the girl on the stand, I wrote about it a few posts back. I told him I couldn't think where it was, it must be amongst the brochures we had, there were rather a lot. But it didn't matter, I told him, because the guy had emailed us since then. Ah but it does matter, said P, because I wanted his mobile number. Well I can't think where it is if it's not with the brochures, I said innocently.

Mistake. Don't lie to your husband, even a white lie.

So he told me he knew roughly where it was, it was in some rubbish recycling plant in west London because I'd dumped it in a trash bin at the show in a temper tantrum. I gulped. How did he know? Because, decent man that he is, he'd taken a look at my blog to see if he could fix the mis-sizing text and in the process he'd read the last couple of posts. I gulped again, flushed and walked nervously around the lounge trying to think of an answer. There wasn't one, not one which would get me off the hook. P told me he wanted me to come down to the office (it's less than 10 mins from where we live), I couldn't because our son had borrowed my car and I'm not covered to drive his, I explained to P, he said he'd come and get me. My goodness he really must be annoyed, I thought. Then as an afterthought he asked why son had got my car, I told him because five of them had gone paintballing and he wanted the extra space. Very well then, said P, he'd deal with me at home and the phone went dead.

Thirty minutes later he arrived home. He came in, dumped his laptop, his expression was all business, he told me if he'd dealt with the tantrum last weekend I would have got a damned good well deserved spanking for performing and it would have been an end to it, but that hadn't happened. And now, a week later, he finds that in addition to playing my face at the show, I wrote about it and boasted (I wasn't boasting) that I'd thrown a potential business partner's card away, and then to top it all I'd lied to him when he asked me about it. And he'd been trying to help me. And this is what he finds! His voice raised a bit. So I'd get the spanking I should have got last weekend and then he'd deal with me for lying to him, which he doesn't find acceptable at all, ever.

So just before midday on Saturday I was over P's lap in the bedroom, my jeans round my ankles, getting a sound tantrum spanking while P educated me about business and professional behaviour not conflicting with silly personal whims. He hadn't taken my pants down, not that the flimsy cotton lessened the sting, and I knew the reason because I know my husband. They would stay in place until his hand had heated my backside enough to have my very earnest attention and then he would pause and address the matter of lying to him, and after a short harsh lecture my pants would come down and I would gasp because it always has that effect on me and because I knew he'd taken his strap from the wardrobe and it was destined for my posterior. And worst of all I knew I deserved it and although I kicked and struggled and cursed and pleaded, when it was over I sobbed a very genuine apology for lying and he sat me up and put his arm round me and told me it was okay I'd just been a silly girl and a small incident had escalated a bit too much but it was over now.

Then he told me on Monday I was to phone Marco's company and get his mobile number anyway. But that might mean talking to that girl! I thought it but didn't say it, my backside has a way of overruling my more impetuous thoughts, especially when it's still simmering from correction.

So it's your fault Blogger. Or not, I shouldn't have lied.



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking most of us might have had the same reaction that you did with the business card. I find that sometimes I think with my feelings and find myself in a little bit of trouble. Hope you are able to work out a good business deal with Marco's company.


Spanky said...

Great post! What more can I say?

PK said...

Owwwww! I think you must have learned a lot. Don't let your temper lead you to do things you might regret later. Don't lie to P. And that you are lucky enough to have a husband that won't let you get away with it if you try!

Great post!!


Tiggs said...

Hugs and a soft pillow, sweetie. But you DO feel better now, don't you (well, except for that part about needing pillows under your butt)?

You reminded me SO much in this posting of the adoptive cyber mom I once believed that I ad. The writing was so similar, the expression of the need, the longing, the inner angst, all of it. (No, I'm not saying you are related in any way, except by those same inner turmoils of want and need).

But THANK YOU for this. Your angst has given me back a reminder of that warm, soft, comforting feeling that I thought I had completely lost forever, even if just for a second!

I'll bet it is a long time before you do anything like this again... or maybe not?

Hugs and love!

Hermione said...

Poor Ronnie! I agree, it's all Blogger's fault. Or P's, for having such a good memory about some trivial tantrum that happened so long ago!

Blogger was naughty on Friday, through no fault of its own. The virus or hack or whatever that took Twitter down on Thursday attacked Google on Friday. I couldn't get on for several hours.

I really don't know why your font should change like that. Davey has the same problem.


Daisychain said...

I must be the only one on here who is genuinely jealous of that spanking....

I really am getting SO fed up of being apart from Davey. Neither of us ever dreamed it would take this long; every year we say, by this time next year we will definitely be together....and the years pass relentlessly on. Please God, let him be home soon?

In the meantime, Ronnie, have a huge hug and sympathy, and just think, you got off light compared to what I'd have got for lying!!!!xxxxxxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I guess it's great that P cares enough to not let you get away with that. It sounds like he knows how to keep you in line and that's probably one of the things you love about him. And did you talk to Ms. Hotpants?

Sara said...

Yikes! I guess things do have a way of coming around, don't they?
Note to self: If I am keeping a secret form my husband, don't blog about it! (Duh! :) )

Oh wait, weren't you the gal who wanted to encourage real punishment spankings?

But you guys worked it through, and good for you!

ronnie said...

Kitten - I know what you mean. I hope we do, I called and got the number yesterday.

Spanky - Didn't know you had a cafe named after you. Just saw it on A.S.S. Thanks for stopping by.

PK - I don't lie, I just don't tell the complete truth :)

Tiggs - A cyber mom? Happy it bought back some good feelings.

Hermione - Thanks, have to blame somebody. I heard about that virus. Really don't understand why the font should change and now, when I visit a blog and go to comment, the timer bar comes up and just hangs and then times out.

Daisy - Thanks, Davey will be over before you know it and you will need plenty of soft cushions :)

FD - your dead right, thats is one of the things I love about him. No, luckily, it was a man that answered the phone :)

Sara - LOL, yes that was me.

Thanks all.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I agree with Sara. You did want punishment spankings, and now your wish has come true! Maybe P read that blog post too.

Note to self: be careful what you wish for.



"LOL, yes that was me."

Careful about sowing the wind!

How do you feel about your punishment now that it is a couple of days later?


Mr.C. said...

There are many rewards from being the dominant partner, but that look on a girls face when she is caught dead to rights, and there is no way out, it's priceless really.