Monday, 20 July 2009

Stress relief

Saturday P decided I needed a little light stress relief, son's at home and relief has been thin on the ground (and things going on but I wont bore you with them), thank god he's tuned to my needs. He didn't go into the office as he had a few jobs to do for his mom, son went with him, there was some shifting to do. He sent me a text telling me he would be back about 11.00 minus son, who he would leave to finish off and pick up later, that I needed some de-stressing and that I was to be ready, I sent a text back asking what he meant, I knew exactly of course, a text came back telling me I'd get de-stressed a lot harder for playing dumb.

I was to throw a few pillows into the middle of the bed, choose an implement and wait for him. P knows I hate when I have to choose, it sends all kinds of feelings, you know what I mean, I'd much rather he choose. Now I can be a little cheeky with P, playful might describe it better on this occasion, so as I was to choose, I chose the hand, we have one of those fun hand shaped fly swats (see previous post) so I put it next to the pillows and waited, I hoped he wouldn't be late.

I heard his key and heard him go into the lounge....minutes passed...... when he came into the bedroom he had a cup of tea with him so either he'd changed his mind about playing or he'd brought refreshment to sustain him through a long session, I preferred the latter option. He looked at the plastic fly swat and tutted, shaking his head in disappointment.

''Now what on earth sort of choice is that for a woman to present her husband with when she knows his intentions?'' I didn't get to answer, ''Well if you really want me to use that you'd better take your jeans off and get over those pillows.'' I got over the pillows more than a tad worried, he was calling my bluff, he pulled my knickers down and proceeded to spank me with the fly swat, I don't know whether he gave me fifty or a hundred swats because they're so feeble from that little toy it's hard to distinguish between them, anyway it was a few minutes worth and then he pulled my knickers up and went for his cup of tea. Shit shit shit! he'd put the ball squarely in my court, he'd used the implement of my choice, he'd pulled my knickers up, fait accompli, but I wasn't stress relieved at all! in fact I was getting stressed about that being the end of it. Quick thinking was required..............

I stayed over the pillows, ''Is that the best you can do?'' I mumbled into a pillow. ''What? What was that?'' he asked, I knew he'd got the gist even though I hadn't spoken clearly. '' I asked you a
question,'' he said sharply, he does genuinely get rattled when I don't answer him. I looked up from the pillow to face him and repeated myself clearly, at the same time putting on a look I hoped was a mix of disdain and challenge. He put down his cup of tea. ''Are you trying to be funny, there isn't much anyone could do with this,'' he said picking the fly swat up and splatting his palm with it, ''perhaps you wouldn't find it quite so feeble if your backside was tenderised first.'' P then sat on the edge of the bed, made me crawl over to him and get across his lap, he positioned me quickly and quite roughly so that my hips were over his left thigh my legs half on the bed toes just touching the floor, he wrapped his right leg over tightly securing my position, pulled my knickers down as far as they'd go and proceeded to spank me systematically, ten to one cheek ten to the other, then repeat. They were long strokes delivered from high and with his palm connecting fully each time.

Then he swapped to his left hand spanking with the palm in line with my body, his fingertips stinging the underside of my cheeks, gripping my thighs tightly with his right hand for effect. If it's possible to grin, grimace, sob and squeal all at the same time as struggling between a man's powerful thighs then that's what I was doing. P must have spanked for a full ten minutes with a few short breaks alternating between left and right hands, at the start his right hand had felt hardest but at the end I couldn't tell the difference, my whole bottom was an inferno and I was genuinely taken aback by how quickly and determinedly he'd dealt with me.

Then he told me to get back across the pillows in the middle of the bed. I thought I'd hear his zip any second and gasp with delight as he entered me forcefully from behind but that wasn't the case at all. ''So you thought that was the best I could do,'' he said picking up the fly swat again and climbing up beside me, ''let's see how well I can do now that you've had some of the cheek spanked out of you,'' and then, while he held me steady across the pillows, he gave me such a stingy five minute spanking from that measly plastic fly swat I was sure I wouldn't be questioning his spanking prowess any time soon.

After he'd taught me a lesson he pulled my knickers back up for me and picked up what was left of his cup of tea. ''Cold,'' he said, ''I'm going to make another, put yourself straight and come down, I'll make one for you too.'' When I got down he was sitting at the kitchen table, mug of tea in hand, mine on the table. I sat next to him on a very sore bottom and sipped contentedly.

Stress, what stress.



Dante d'Amore said...

I like the way that man thinks [insert evil grin].

Consider yourself lucky. If Tiggr pulled that fly swatter bit on me I would have used it and then told her she could get dressed before I walked out of the room for good, lol.

It would kill me to do it, but it would be worth it [throw in another evil grin for good measure].

Great story. Musta been a lot of fun!

Florida Dom said...

Glad to see that P didn't let you off lightly with just the fly swatter and gave you the stress relief you needed. He's obviously a toughtful husband who's attuned to your needs.

PK said...

I just love the way P handles things. My favorite part is that he was thinking of you and working out a way to give you stress relief in the first place.

And good for you for pushing him a little when you knew it hadn't been enough.

I was worried that he was going to turn it around and use the handle -Nick has done that a time or two and THAT makes a difference!!

Happy your stress was relieved and glad you shared it with us!


selkie said...

I agree with PK - while the spankings themselves sounded luscious - it's the intent behind them that is so fulfilling!

Sara said...

Don't you love it when you give him your best and he gives it right back...and then some?

Hermione said...

Ronnie - that was delicious! I can't imagine 10 on each cheek. I much prefer alternate smacks, although Ron seems to be thinking in terms of multiples these days too. I am so glad your stress is all gone.

BTW - hard and fast is VERY erotic. I had to confirm that, by way od a small scientific experiment, after the MBS brunch.



It's not what gets used, it's the way that it's used ;)


Daisychain said...

Eeeek! I just gave Davey that scenario, of coming in to find I had chosen a pathetic implement; he said he wouldn't waste his energy using it, he would say, "Well, since you are incapable of choosing a sensible tool for the task, I will choose for you...." and then he would deliberately pick something I didn't like....
So, lucky you!!!!!!!! A wonderful account, beautifully written, as always!
And, Hermione, in my opinion, any spanking , hard, fast, slow, gentle, intense or lighthearted, can be erotic, its the mindset that gets you there, I think, more than the type of spanking... which is why I was confused by the MBS grid! xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Dante - Thanks, I'll let him know. I can just imagine you doing that and I'm glad P wasn't in that type of mood as he's called my bluff a few times and done exactly that :)

FD - Oh so am I. Thank you.
Enjoyed your last chapter :)

PK - the handle, now thats a new one on me, wonder what that would feel like. Lets hope P doesn't read your comment :)

Selkie - Oh yes, thanks.

Sara - some of our best spankings happen that way :)

Hermione - Thank you. I quite like it when P does that. I visited MBS late, didn't comment, I too found the diagram a little consuing. I do agree hard and fast can be very erotic. Are you going to share your little scientific experiment with us :)

I hope your nowhere near the fires that I've been seeing on our news.

Spankedhortic - I totally agree.

Daisy - Thank you. From what you write about Davey I know he would do that.
I said to Hermione I too found the diagram rather confusing, haven't been back to read comments yet to see if anybody else found it consusing or if there is further explanation.

Thank you all for stopping by.


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

What better stress release is there...Tea & spanking lol...

Karen x

Hermione said...

Ronnie - we are safe and far away from the fires. They're terrible!

Xan Spanking New said...

Ronnie, my husband sometimes use the same flyswatter. I must be a big baby because that thing stings like hell to me! I hate it. Oh, and he does sometimes use the handle. That will leave some pretty good welts.

ronnie said...

Karen - yep tea and a spanking what more could you ask for LOL.

Hermione - Glad your nowhere near, I heard fires were quite bad. Thanks for letting me know.

Xan Spanking New - hello and welcome, thanks for stopping by.
Everybody finds implements different so you can call yourself a big baby :) Never had the handle used.
Did pop over to your blog but wouldn't let me into comments, will try again.


Anonymous said...

Yay! What fun.

ronnie said...

Maryann hello and thanks.

For some reason your not linked on my blog roll. I know you were. I'll put that right straight away :)