Friday, 3 July 2009

Spanked over an ironing board

Mrs M from The Good Wife, commented that a part of her anatomy (I think we all know which part) was getting a lot of attention from her husband and that it must be the summer heat. I think I would agree, I posted last week about P coming home and giving me a couple of swats.

Well last night I was busy doing my wifely duties, ironing to be precise. In he came, 'Ah the sight of a good women carrying out her womanly duties' he said and gave me a playful swat, he swatted me again and said have you ever been spanked over an ironing board, I laughed, don't be silly P you can't be spanked over an ironing board, it'd collapse. (Note about my ironing board - it has a rude cover, it's a man naked except for a towel, when it gets warm the towel dissolves to reveal his manly charms, makes ironing more bearable).

"We'll see about that," he said,and before I could offer any meaningful resistance he'd unplugged the iron, dropped the height of the board (I didn't even think he'd know how to, let alone do it so adeptly), guided me over the board and proceeded to spank me. To my surprise and relief it didn't collapse and when I was finally allowed up I noticed the man on the board still had his tackle showing, so I imagine I must have been radiating heat one way or another.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I'm also impressed that P knew how to lower the ironing board. LOL. And it's good that he's always thinking about eew places for spankings.

And where did you find that ironing board cover? If you could find on of a woman, maybe he'd want to do some ironing. LOL.

Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhh Ronnie.. now that sounds hot... and were do I find a cover like that... I definetely want one... mmmmmmmmmmm

love, Lessa

Meow said...

Oh, the joys of our "wifely duties"! Love the ironing board cover and I'm also impressed that P even knows where the "controls" are to lower the ironing board. Meow

PK said...

I agree with the others - you should buy up these covers and sell them to all of us out here!

As for P I am most expressed that he sees a spanking opportunity and uses it at once! That's what I want more of - those little spontaneous, on the spot spankings. You two are doing great!


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I guess I really should start ironing again. But the daisies on the cover aren't very inspiring.

Loved the story!


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol...I could get into ironing if I had that cover & a man to spank me whilst I'm warming his towl {{{Grins}}}

Karen x

cookie said...

I believe if I had that cover then I would iron. I think it would be wonderful to be spanked across an ironing board especially one that has that cover on it. Yummy

ronnie said...

FD - Oh no FD, P wouldn't go as far as actually doing the ironing :)

Lessa - maybe I should offer them free when somebody buys a handbag :)

Meow -I didn't either, quite a shock.

PK - P's never a one to miss an opportunity and some of our best spankings are spontaneous.

Hermione - Thanks. I'll have to send one over can't have you neglecting your ironing :)

Karen - hi, it does help as I hate ironing.

Cookie - hello, nice to see you. I't was a new one for me :)

Have a great weekend all and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I love your blog... I wonder who thought up the idea to put a naked guy on an ironing cover? That is so funny.


ronnie said...

Ally, hi and welcome. Thank you. Apparently they have women on them as well, as FD said maybe if I got one maybe P would so some of the ironing, that I don't think do so:)


Davey said...

Hello Ronnie,
It's a little known secret that a lot of guys know how an ironing board works...LOL OH DAMM, I just revealed a deep dark secret.
Very nice Post, I have yet to encounter Daisy and an ironing board....we will see.....
Much Happiness,

Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie, SO glad I dropped by....
Its such a relief that my darling husband knows how to iron; hehe,I have been married twice, and BOTH times picked husbands who can cook, clean, tidy, use a washing machine and iron.... (blissful sighs)....
Well, girls, you know the saying, "You don't have a dog and bark yourself", right???

(If you read this, Davey, I'm just kidding, ok?!!)
But, seriously, I dont DO ironing.
I buy clothes that don't need it. And, those rare ones that do, go in the tumble dryer, then straight on a hanger in the airing cupboard. A hairdryer brings out the stubborn creases....

ronnie said...

Davey - you've done it now and let the cat out of the bag, Daisy I'll have you doing the ironing :)

Daisy - You married somebody that know's how to use the washing machine, I don't think P know's where it is in the kitchen :). He's a good cook though, better than me.

Thinking of you both, thanks.


Anonymous said...

I need an ironing board like that!! I would wear less wrinkles ;-)


ronnie said...

LOL,it works, my ironing look lovely :)

Thanks Kitten.


Bobby said...

Oh Ronnie, the vision I have you being spanked across the ironing board, is giving me a huge reason for a cold shower!!