Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Size matters

Size doesn't matter, or so we're always hearing, it's how you use the size you have that matters.

Maybe. But in certain circumstances I'm certain size could matter a lot, at least to me, mentally and most likely physically too.

Yesterday I went into Birmingham and met my old friend Jen for a couple of hours girl time, lunch and some shopping. I noticed Anne Summers had a sale on, it's not a place I frequent honestly because a lot of their stuff looks iffy, but I'm feeling a tad under-disciplined of late, due mainly to our son being back home, and my thoughts are laced with naughtiness. They say men have a sex related thought about every 2 minutes (by all means correct me on that if I'm wrong), I don't think women have the same kind of thoughts or the same frequency but they definitely have them, at least if I'm anything to go by.

Anyway after Jen and I headed our separate ways, I called into Anne Summers on the way back to the station and they had some 20'' wooden rulers at half price. Now I already have a 15'' ruler which I got from Coco de Mer in London and I've been taught a lesson on more than one occasion, but what would P say if I told him I didn't think his lessons had been entirely effective and I thought an extra 5'' might help him correct me.

Well I'd say he'd think I was being cheeky after he'd figured out what I was talking about. And provocative. And asking for trouble, which would not be a million miles from the truth.

When I get it I'll know if size really does make that much difference, and I'll let you know of course.


PS Coco de Mer says 'Teach Me a Lesson' on the flip side, Anne Summers just says plain 'Spank Me'. I rather like both.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a few swats with a wooden ruler to put a spring in a girl's step ;-)


PK said...

I love them both! I went to Staples (school supply store here)just the other day and picked up a nice wooded ruler! Do great minds think alike or what?!


PK said...

That would be wooden I think!


Hermione said...

Until I read the last paragraph, I thought you had added the text yourself. See, I thought Ann Summers was a clothing store!

Anyway, they are lovely, and perhaps P will try them both on you and you can see if size really does matter.

By the way, I had on my "Bare Bum" shorts yesterday for the first time. Ron noticed them after an hour or so, and laughtd.


Jflame said...

WOW!!!!!! I'm off to anne summers tommrow.
I gave Worzel my 18" ruler and he loves it..alas its plastic not wood but never fear..this good little subbie (did I just say that) will go to AS and purchase one or four of these measure the future cane lines I recieve on my derrier of course.
Good luck with yours.
Hugs Jay

Master Retep said...

Ann Summers? What's wrong with WHSmith?

Mrs M said...

Oh yum, looking forward to hearing about the results from your little experiment - how cute!

I love those rulers, did you buy them saying that on the back or did you print that on?

Anyways happy spankings ;-)

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Kitten - Your so right :)

PK - I like that we both have great minds :) Wooded was fine, knew exactly ou meant

Hermione - Anne Summers (sorry did try and put a link here) have a lot of stores around the UK, sells lingerie, dressing up outfits, dildos, books, videos, some spanking toys.

LOL, what fun,I would so love a pair of them shorts. Googled them but can't find anyone selling them over here. Did Ron give you a swat in them?

Jay, I think wood definitely better and one will be enought Jay :)

Master Retep - LOL. to be honest I didn't know WHSmith sold wooden rulers.

Mrs M. - hope you had a good holiday. Thank you, words already printed on, just perfect for what I wanted to say :

Thanks all.