Friday, 7 August 2009

PVC has it's place

We're actually buying in some PVC and PU from a couple of the suppliers we met on Sunday in London at the show (not the hotpants slut's gear, although I'm sure she would be well suited to it). I had my doubts about it but have to admit some of it is quite stylish and P said it makes up a significant part of modern fashion and we should have some. I'm sure he didn't have this in mind....but then again.....



Anonymous said...

This new business sounds exciting and fun! I've often thought about what it would be like to work for myself verses having to sit in a cubical all day dealing with the stress and demands of a huge Inc...

Have a great weekend :-)

Tiggs said...

Now THAT does tempt the creative juices right out of me, Ronnie! Also makes me wonder about all the possibilities!


Hermione said...

And will you be modeling any of those new purchases? Perhaps just for P? That would take his mind of the hotpants lady, for sure.


M:e said...

blushes....and whispers.....I have that skirt!

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Zille? I love that picture and there is similar sexy spanking skirt on-line. I fantasize about making and serving dinner wearing it, ;) CD

ronnie said...

Kitten - starting a new business is very exciting but not without it's stresses as you can imagine. Working for yourself is 24/7 it never leaves you. You can't go away on vacation and forget about it but saying all that I do love working for ourselves.

Hermione - LOL, I never thought of that.

Tiggs -Lots of possibilities Tiggs.

M:e - Oh please can I borrow it :)

Cultivateddiscipline - Sorry don't know if its Zillie. Stop fantasing, go buy the skirt :)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Spanky said...

Now that is an awesome picture.

Mrs M said...

Very interesting picture, I LOVE the bondage factor and your business sounds like it's coming along nicely without many kinks at all *grin*! ;-)

Florida Dom said...

What a good picture. What did P think of it?

Daisychain said...

Put ME in something like that and I would be snapped up as a model....
"The Michelin Mans Wife"

Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Spanky - Thanks

Mrs M - I've decided I like PVC and said to P maybe we couldn't include these as a special line :)

FD - He loved this picture but didn't like my other post.

Daisy - hi, did you enjoy yourself? I'm sure you'd look as good as me in it :).

Hope your all having a good weekend, thanks for stopping.