Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Oh that looks stingy

In fact I can vouch it would be stingy because ages ago a florist near us was selling up and had a load of decorative 'twigs' going cheap, some of them in nice tall glass jars. P bought the lot including the jars, we never used the twigs for decoration of course, they were tested all sorts of ways, some wet, some in bunches of varying numbers, a couple of sturdy ones on their own.

They all broke eventually but they were fun and they do sting!

And before I go, the person receiving them in the picture looks suspiciously similarly attired to me on such twiggy occasions, in fact I could believe it was me except for the fact we don't have a checkered bed cover. Brings back yummy thoughts though, could do with finding a wholesale florist.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have a butt double somewhere? LOL I've never had a stingy spanking before. I guess the closest thing has been a paint stir stick from the hardware store.


PK said...

Nick once used a switch and I immidately formed a love/hate relationship with it. It stung like crazy and it wasn't fun at the time - but I LOVED the after effect! I like something I can feel for a while after the spanking. And decorative twigs and switches can really fill the bill!


Hermione said...

That outfit she's wearing is very fetching. I love long black stockings.

I don't care for stingy, though. But I must say, whenever I see a bunch of decorative twigs in furniture displays, I do wonder....


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Isn't it time for P to find another florist who has some of those those stingy things?

M:e said... then, how about planting something which gave you lots of 'stingy' crops in the garden?! Not only would you have a permanent supply, but I can just imagine what it would be like to have to actually have to go and cut something yourself first.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

Kitten - Butt double LOL, never thought of that.

PK - I know what you mean. I was the same love/hate and now I love stingy spankings.

Hermione - I said that to P once and he told me you can't always have things you like. Maybe you should buy Ron a few next time you see some, I think you'll like them :)

FD - LOL, he has some small green garden canes now and I can assure you there just as effective.

Thanks all.


ronnie said...

M:e, hello. LOL, sort of already done that, not in the garden but with a couple of house plants, P says easy access when needed :)

Thanks for stopping by M:e, speak soon.