Friday, 24 July 2009

The Longer the Harder

"The longer you make me wait, Mary, the longer and harder this is going to be.''

Well there's a dilemma, what would you do? I mean, the bath brush is pretty scary and especially after a shower. But if you delay you're going to get it even harder.

Thinks............more thinks.

OK I've thought.

''I just have a face pack to apply, my nails to do and I think my legs could do with a shave more often now its shorts weather and I'll be right with you, dear.''

That should take a good hour.



Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol! Hopefully by then he would have fullen asleep...If not at least you would not have that warm damp "Just showered" feeling...

Karen x

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: By making your guy wait, that's a good way to make sure it's harder.

PK said...

It's our duty as woman to try to take the time to look beautiful for our men, and if it benefits us too why not??

And Florida Dom - you are such a man!


Sara said...

Procrastination is an art, and I say nothing good ever came from rushing into things!

Meow said...

Why is it that thinking and then more thinking always gets us deeper into trouble? Oh, yeah! Now I remember! Meow

Hermione said...

I can imagine the level of anticipation inside me as I completed that long a beauty routine. The end result would be well worth the delay (for both of us).


Lessa said...

We need to do our best to be pleasing his eye indeed.. so maybe some extra hairdoing stuff... nail polish indeed... make up...

preparing is everything :-)

love, Lessa

M:e said...

Lol...this made me smile. What a great way to start the day.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

Would your partner actually wait until you've finished your routine, I know P wouldn't LOL.

Thanks, Karen, FD, PK, Sara, Meow, Hermione, Lessa, M:e, for stopping by, please excuse me for not answering each of you as I seem to be having blogger issues again.

One of the problems is commenting, I've only just managed to get into my comment box, tried last night to comment on a few posts but then for some reason couldn't leave a comment, this has happened quite a few times before and it's very annoying, not sure why.

Have a good weekend all and thanks again.


Daisychain said...

LOL, great post as always, Ronnie.
Yes, I too would use delaying tactics, but Davey, although a very patient man, won't allow me to take the mickey.... so, after a few minutes, I would be "for it", ready or not!!!
I haven't had a problem commenting anywhere, but I haven't HAD many comments left, and nor has Davey, lately! Not sure whether this is because no-one WANTS to comment, or whether they are having trouble commenting!!! Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxx