Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Brandy and a slippered behind

Nothing too unusual going on here, working with 2 hats on at the moment, one my fashion director hat and the other my recruitment dogsbody hat, well that's how it feels anyway. Actually our recruitment work enquiries have increased recently but P thinks it's a temporary blip and the new business is the one for me to concentrate on, I hope he's right. Tonight we're going to see the Eagles and I'm looking forward to it, P's brother and wife are coming up from Wales to join us.

Earlier this week I posted those girls on the beach with their sandals aside them, I got a couple of people refer to slippers in response so I googled to find out if sandals are synonymous with slippers and they are, beach slippers are on loads of web pages. I also checked the trusty Oxford Concise for slipper and it's noun use is 'slip-on light footwear', its yummy verb use is 'to beat with'. So that's that sorted. When I think of slippers I usually think warm, cosy, fireside, Christmas even, but now I've got the 'to beat with' thing in my mind too. Sounds rather wicked actually.

P's brother has real flame fires in his pub, I'm just thinking now, chilly Welsh evening, pine forests, roaring fire, brandy, freshly slippered behind. Stop it Ronnie you've got work to do.



Tiggs said...

Here's hoping you get EXACTLY what you're dreaming of! It sounds absolutely breath-takingly wonderful!


Meow said...

Your last paragraph sounds absolutely perfect! How are the rest of us supposed to get any work done now? Meow

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tiggs and Meow... the last paragragh does sound so good and dreamy!!


PK said...

Well and were you able to get back to work after writing that?? Sounds great. Nick has use his sandles for a pop or two. Pretty nice!


M:e said...

I can remember going to buy a pair of slippers for M and completely losing concentration as I slipped from 'do these look comfortable' to 'other' considerations!!

love and hugs xxx

selkie said...

grins at M:e... what naughty minds we have! Bad Ronnie .. your last paragraph has my minding wandering FAR from my work ...

ronnie said...

I'll tell you all about it when it happens and yes I'll make sure it happens :)

M:e - Oh yes I've done that, my mind wandering as my hand was feeling the smooth bottom of the slipper only to be jolted out of it by the assistant saying "they wont leave a mark".....He went on to say they wont leave a mark on the sole as there made from a special something or other :)

Thanks all, love your comments.


Dante d'Amore said...

The Eagles sounds like fun and so does the rest.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie you must know that assistant was playing with you while watching you subtely grinning and starring off into space!! It's not your fault... you couldn't help it!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I didn't really mean to imply that slippers and sandals are the same thing. Not withstanding the many differences in the many versions of English, they are 2 different things even in Canada. I was only trying to invoke the image of "being slippered" and thought that "being sandalled" wouldn't have the same effect.

But a nice leather sandal would suit my bottom just fine.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in Wales (for about a year)and have some lovely memories of the local pub but darn it that isn't one of them!


ronnie said...

Hermione - no, I know you didn't, I wondered if by chance sandals were called slippers in Canada. Yes sandalled doesn't sound quite right, I totally agree. Thanks.

Livingdd - hello and welcome, your right there are some old Welsh country pubs. Lovely wood walks as well :)