Friday, 5 June 2009

Yes Sir

Now I'm not submissive. Or I don't regard myself as submissive. At least not in my general demeanour.
But I obviously submit to certain things with a certain person and find it perfectly natural and rewarding. But I've never bought a book about submission, until yesterday. Nearly.
I went into town straight from work, dropped someone at the station and walked in for a mooch round, some shops open a bit later on Thursdays. I was looking for a book our son had asked me to try and get for P for Father's Day which is coming up soon, couldn't find it in WHS but we've got a couple of smaller book stores which I hadn't been to in a while so off I went, one of them stocks used books too and it's a very diverse range. I didn't get the book I wanted but I did find this little gem, I just loved the cover, I couldn't buy it because I know the sales person on duty she lives not far from us, but I snapped it clumsily with my nokia after making sure the flash was off. Quick check on Amazon later and found it and several others by the same author.
OK I could easily buy it with a couple of clicks, but I'd rather go back to the store and buy the used version, not when our neighbour is on duty, even then I will have to push myself to take it to the cash desk, maybe the assistant will be male, maybe they'll know me even if I don't know them, it has a seedy feel to it. I'll probably chicken out and go for the clicks in the end but I'm going to wander past the bookstore tomorrow anyway and just peek in the window, see who's on duty.
As for the title, well I thought about that, I'm not really a Yes Sir person but then again the amount of times I say Yes.....
P: You know you you could have managed this better don't you?
Me: Yes  
P: And that I'm not happy with it/you?
Me: Yes
P: I'm not going to let this pass, I think you'd expect me to address the matter?
Me: Yes
P: You know what that means don't you?
Me: Yes
P: Then I think you'd better go to the bedroom and wait for me, hadn't you?
Me: Yes
P: And make sure you're facing the wall with your trousers off. I'll be up shortly and you know what to expect don't you?
Me: Yes 
P: Yes what?
Me: Yes, Sir
Maybe I could get into the Yes Sir mode after all.


Anonymous said...

Your post certainly brought a smile to my face. Not everyone submits to just anyone. I'm not submissive in my work or regular life, but for a certain someone I submit. So clearly P brings out your submissive side :-) It is all very charming and beautiful to hear of your relationship stories and tales. I hope you get into the bookstore today with a clean entry/exit without bumping into anyone you know or who might cause you to blush... Have a great weekend!


Hermione said...

Ronnie - the book looks lovely; I do hope you buy it. I think I would chicken out and order it online.

I used to buy whatever erotica I could find that was vaguely spanko, whenever I was out of town and visited a certain bookstore. I was uncomfortable to begin with, but got used to taking them to the checkout. The people working there don't care what you buy.

I love calling Ron "Sir". It excites me, and he likes it too. I wrote a post about it when I started my blog. It's here.


Naomi said...

You can buy used versions on amazon! I've gotten books off of there for 12 cents before!

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...I can see how your neighbor being on duty could be a slight problem with buying the book...

I am not really a "Yes Sir" type subbie either...Though I do call S Sir in my blog...cos I can't really use his name & Mortimerboard {His nik} is too long...

Karen x

Sara said...

Oh buy it!

And I loved the dialogue as I can totally relate!

1manview said...

I have to say go buy it. I know the feeling, the first time I bought some lacy panties for my wife I was so embarrassed. The last time I went to buy her something, a young clerk tried to embarrass me in front of her co-workers (Only male in a woman clothing shop). I grinned and walked up to a sheer nightie and held it up. I ask her if she would try it on since she was the same size as my lady. I wasn't the one turning red. I was still a little embarrassed, but not on the outside. A smile hides everything..

selkie said...

I actually HAVE that book. Do bought it for me, together with others, several months ago. I can't give you a book report as I haven't read it yet.

I am submissive or at least, submitted to one person; now that the dynamic is no longer I just couldn't bring myself to read what I was missing.

But I'll tell you what - I'll try to find it and at least give it a quick perusal ...

PK said...

Now don't chicken out - you go buy it in person! And be sure to tell us all about that shopping trip!

The only time I say 'Yes Sir' to Nick in when he starts asking questions during a spanking. Then the 'Yes Sirs' just fly right out!


M:e said...

What a lovely cover....that would definitely entice me to read it.

I have to confess to being a 'Yes Sir' subbie and loving it...grins.

love and hugs

Anonymous said...


Your recounts make me smile and often lol. I once impulsively bought the Sleeping Beauty Series at a used store I love and live in and the guy at the counter had on a kilt! I was so flustered cause it was hot I couldn't even give him eye contact :(

Have a wonderful weekend! KayLynn

ronnie said...

Hi all. hope your all having a good weekend.

Kitten - thank you for your kind comment. If I told my family I was submissive to P at times they would laugh out loud and think I was joking.

Hermione - I love the picture. I definitely wouldn't mind buying it in another town where nobody knows me.
Loved your post "To Sir, with Love" I can imagine Ron loving it when you say "thank you Sir" after your spanking :)
BTW - Hermione, if you don't mind can you please let me know how you put a link into a comment? I wanted to put a link to you when I was reading somebody's post about supporting our armed forces and mentioned you wear red on Fridays but didn't know how to.

Naomi - hello and welcome. I'll probably have to do that in the end but I really want to buy it in the shop.

Karen - She lives a little too close for comfort and how shall I say, she likes to know everyone's business :(

Sara - Thanks, I will just as soon as I can.

1manview - Good for you, I hate shop assistants like that. A man friend of mine wanted to buy his girlfriend some sexy pants but because of the shop girl he couldn't and left. He told me so, the following day I went back in with him and we were very naughty, we made the girl embarrassed.

Selkie - Oh yes please, if you do find it out I would be very interested in what you think.

PK - Oh yes you detail whore LOL, I will. Good time to say Yes Sir.

M:e - It is isn't it. As you know I not really submissive but I'm very interested in reading it and learning more.

Kaylynn - Thank you so much. LOL, I love a man in a kilt. I haven't read the book, what did you think of it?

Didn't have time to go into town.

Thanks,loved your comments.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I have emailed you the instructions. Let me know how you make out with them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

I loved the Sleepy Beauty Series. It didn't get good reviews, however. It was my first ever spanking bsdm book and being the true blue spanko that I am I read them all within days. My sister then read them curiously and altho not a spanko, she too couldn't stop herself! LOL Enjoy, its good beach material & the cover won't frighten (or invite) those at the next towel! KayLynn

ronnie said...

Thanks Hermione, appreciate it.

Kaylynn, thanks for that, I'm looking for a beach book and I think this could be just the one especially as you say the cover wont frighten anyone :)