Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Rules for French wife

I found this on Chross a few weeks ago. Now, if you had rules in your house, what would they be, any suggestions?



Sara said...

Wow! That sounds just like my house rules! ;)

M:e said...

I know it might have been due to the translation, but I did wonder how you decieved someone once they were dead??!! lol.

Great list......I'm sure it would go down well here.

love and hugs xxx

Meow said...

It sounds like our house, too - except for the shoe shining! Meow

Arwen said...

#3,5 and 6 would get me LOTS of spankings, for sure! :) But fortunately, our rules are not so focused on domestic duties.

Hermione said...

We have rules too, but fortunately Ron knows how to operate the microwave, so he can heat his own soup. I'm not allowed to wear his shirts, though. He says I stretch them with my, er, chest. LOL


Fabsterrant said...

Ronnie, thankyou so much for your thoughtfull comments. Its always good to hear from you. I enjoy your wit a great deal and am in awe of all your travel adventures. You make it clear that culture is all about the history of people doing this thing we do,lol.

FunKayLynn said...

If that's a finite list sign me up! The rule that kills me that we have is I'm not to argue. I can't help myself often and break it. But his expressions prompt me to be less expressive! Thanks again Ronnie, I so look forward to your posts. KayLynn

Hermione said...

Kaylynn - we have that rule too. Do you think men collaborate on these lists?

PK said...

Leave it to the French. Let's see #1 - no problem. #2 - the first part is no problem. #3 - Do what?? #4 - I can go along with that. #5 - ROFLMAO! #6 - I never touch his clothes unless he's wearing them. #7 - I like this one. #8 - Another good one. #9 - Nope, never while he's alive! #10 - I'll go for this one anytime!!!


Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I fully, fully agree with 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10.... but 3.. we both cook so both serve the soup... he shines his own shoes... and hey, if he works those shirts can't stay spotless.. we will make them spotless again thanks to the washingmachine... grinnnnnnn

love, Lessa

Tiggs said...

Hi Ronnie!

I LOVE this idea... will have to think of some good rules for our house! Maybe I can write one set for me and one set for him... only seems fair, since we don't really actually do the DD stuff anymore anyway, but it might get my butt spanked just for putting it out here for all to see!


ronnie said...

Sara - Hi, Do you stick by them :)

M:e - I thought the same :) Like to find it in French and see if translation is correct but I do love the list.

Meow - No shoe shine for me either Meow :)

Arwen - Hello, what about No. 4 - you drink his wine without asking LOL.

Hermione - LOL, wearing his shirts, does he spank you if he catches you in them?

Fabsterrant - Hello and thank you. I do like to share our travels :) I was very happy to hear your news. We have a young family member who has just joined up.

KayLynn - Thank you. We have the same rule as well and I very often break it and yes, can you believe it, sometimes on purpose lol. Enjoy your lunch with PK.

PK - You mean you dont serve his soup hot and promptly LOL.

Lessa - My favourit is No. 3 made me laugh. I haven't shown it to P yet but I know what he'll say :)

Tiggs - hello, snap, was just thinking the same. Love to see what your rules would be :)

Thanks all.


Daisychain said...

LOL to number 3...
Serve his soup hot and serve it promptly missed out, "in his lap" or "in his favourite hat"....
Seriously, great post, and yes, like the others, I am wondering about rules for my house....and what the rules of the house will be when Davey arrives....

ronnie said...

I can imagine you doing that Daisy LOL

I'm sure Davey will have some very good rules.

Have a good weekend.


Daisychain said...

LOL, Ronnie, you said I beat you to it....well, you asked for suggestions.... and it doesn't mean you get out of the task, lol, you should still think up your own set of house rules.... I have a feeling Davey is going to think some up.... Hahahaha! xxxxxxxxxxxx

kitten said...

I love it!!


ronnie said...

Daisy - I couldn't top your rules :)

Kitten - thanks, hope your feeling better.


Mrs M said...

Ronnie, sorry for stopping by late. But you find some of the best 'bits and bobs' on the internet, and this one is great!

I have to admit I am so glad I do not have to shine shoes every day, and I can't imagine serving soup cold (but there is always a possibility *weg*).

As for everything else, I would never have considered those rules and just a natural way of life when you are in love!

Love it, and love how kinky the French can be (anyone ever watched 'The Image'?)

Mrs M x

ronnie said...

Mrs M , hello and thank you. No need for sorry just happy that you like to visit when you can. I know how busy it can get and I must admit I haven't been over to you either :(

I love the French ways as well. Not watched The Image, will have to Google it.

Thanks again.


sixofthebest said...

I love the rules that apply to a French wife. It should be adopted by all wives all over the world. I also like your 'picture of the month'. Especially for the reason, that I love to spank naughty women wearing garter-belt and stockings, after their knickers are taken down, to bare their bottoms.