Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Portuguese Men of War threaten my hols!

Spain warns of summer jellyfish invasion on Mediterranean beaches
Visitors to Spain's beaches have been warned of an influx of stinging jellyfish off the Mediterranean coast this summer says and article by Fiona Govan in Monday's Telegraph. Beware any of you guys heading that way, keep an eye on the kids and watch for the flags.

I don't read the Telegraph but I received the link in an email from P, apparently he'd seen something about it on Sky News too, all to do with global warming and the shoals of jellyfish coming close to shore. Now P does a lot of sea swimming but he doesn't like sharing with jellyfish, the reporter on Sky News said they wrap themselves round your leg and sting while you're trying to shake them off and swim at the same time, wary of course of swimming into the main shoal which would be a nightmare. One of P's friends got multiple stung last year had to seek medical attention and didn't swim for the rest of the holiday.

So what's all this got to do with anything? P said hold back on the sun-sand-sea booking, I'd got first refusal on a cancellation in Almunecar too which is lovely and remains 'Spanish', they still give you a free tapa when you buy a drink so theoretically you can eat for nothing but probably be drunk by the end of the evening. We both love the Med but he's a swimmer and it's part of his holiday and if the jellyfish flags are up only a fool would go in. So switch to the Atlantic, he said, no jellyfish there, Portuguese coast lovely at this time of year, but I haven't seen anything in budget so far and only a small timeframe to book. Anyway as they're called Portuguese Men of War wouldn't they be off Portugal too? Not at all, said P, the Atlantic's too cold for them now they've discovered the Med.

It could mean postponing till into the summer or even later but we might be too busy by then. Ah well that's life.



selkie said...

actually, they DO have jellyfish in the Atlantic - sorry, but that's the truth! I used to swim in the Gaspe in the Bay of Fundy - COLD COLD COLD - but D's job was to do "jellyfish" watch.

Granted, they're more common and in greater numbers in warmer climes. We used to get the Portugese men of war ALL the time when I was living in the Bahamas.

PK said...

We have a few off the southeast coast of the US but they are rare enough for every one to run see one when it floats in. There never seem to be enough to keep anyone away from the water. So there is your solution - come to the US. P can swim and I'll run down and we can sit on the sand and visit!


M:e said...

Oh dear! I know how much you were looking forward to a break. Hopefully soon, somewhere jellyfish free.

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

Ronnie - too bad! P could always put on a rubber suit, though. (Kinky!)

I remember reading an article in National Geographic about the man o' war. The damage they can do looked very painful. (Oops, that was kinky too!)

Hope you find somewhere jellyfish-free.

Hermione (No jellyfish here. Just zebra mussels.)

Tiggs said...

Jellyfish suck! We obviously deal with them by the boat load down here in Florida, so I'm well-versed in the art of swimming while on constant lookout.

That really stinks for you guys... maybe Portugal will fall into place in time... here's to hoping!

Hugs and love!

ronnie said...

Selkie - thanks for letting us know, I really didn't think they would be in the Atlantic because of the cold waters. I'm not a sea swimmer at all so I wouldn't be a good lookout for P.
Living in the Bahamas must have been lovely.

PK - I would be on the plane tomorrow if I could :)

M:e - I know you do, thank you.

Hermione - P in a rubber suit mmmmmmmmm now there's a thought. I do love your humour.
Can you eat the mussels Hermione, I googled but couldn't see if they were edible?

Tiggs - hiya, really didn't think they were in so many countries, a real surprise to me.

Thanks to you all for your comments.