Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I had a dream

Those of you who read here know we are quite busy at the moment and in the middle of setting up a new business. Also that we're are planning to take a week off sometime hopefully this month, because once certain things are in place there will be a hiatus while we wait for stock to ship and then get down to databasing and photoing everything for e-commerce, which at the moment P insists he can build but in reality I think we'll be drafting in some professional help nearer the time.
Anyway I had a dream last night and we were both walking along the beach mmmmmmmmmm. No it's not me and P in the pic, goodness I'd probably get spanked if I even considered going to the beach in something like that.....after I'd already fallen into hysterics at the sight of my man's beachwear. Still, the dream was nice.
The warm weather's broken now, pity, I like blue skies and sunshine but have to admit its a lot cooler for working. This week P had to attend a 'driving rehabilitation' course, its a voluntary course offered by the Police to motorists who've been caught exceeding the speed limit, the course costs suspiciously exactly the same amount as the would-be fine but by taking it there is no licence endorsement. P opted for the course, he's not really a speeder actually hasn't caused an accident in 30 years of driving, he gets mad when cameras are placed in what he thinks are ridiculous places and more so when they activate at silly times when there's just absolutely no traffic or pedestrians about. He says people would respect them more if they took into account true road conditions at the time, surely with today's technology they could act more intelligently.


selkie said...

LOl at the thongs - i was going to say, P. WEARS THAT!! mind you the beach looks AMAZING. what a great dream!

Meow said...

Hope you get your holiday soon - with or without the thongs! Meow

Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhh, I do love the beach to.. and my man in something like that.... I would not stop touching him... almost drool I am afraid... lol...

and I agree with P about the absurdity of those camera's... same overhere... and I receive a speeding ticket regularly... grin...

love, Lessa

M:e said...

Tell P I absolutely agree with him and that I too attended one of those workshops a few years back.

Hope the holiday plans come together soon.

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

Ron had to take one of those courses too, for ignoring a stop sign. He still paid a fine, but only half of the full amount, provided he attend a 2 hour session on "Driver Agression".

Lovely beachwear, but not for us, I fear!


Tiggs said...

At least those folks actually fit into their swimsuits... I certainly couldn't ever fit into anything like that and would never force that image on anyone else either, lol.

Biggest hugs and best wishes on the upcoming holiday. Let's hear it for spankings and sex and sun and straps removed and taken out and applied to someone's seat!


selkie said...

every time I look at this picture all I can think of (and laugh my butt off) is Night at the Roxbury - if you haven't seen it, you MUST LOL
Think Will Ferrell in a thong ...

Mrs M said...

What a lovely dream to have, and that beach looks wonderful - I can't wait for vaccation myself!

Hope everything goes well with your new business (it will be a huge success im sure), and that you get to relax on the beach very soon...

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Selkie - LOL, Haven't seen Night at the Roxbury. Does he really wear a thong in the film, No?

Meow - Thanks, it will definitely be without the thongs :)

Lessa - Regular speeding tickets, not you x

M:e - I'll let him know, he will be pleased others agree. Hopefully holiday will be sorted after the weekend.

Hermione - 2 hour course. P said he got off lightly, his course was 4 hours and had to pay full cost of what a speeding fine would be £60.00. That beach wear wont be for us either :)

Tiggs - I laugh every time I look at this picture imagining P in it, he would die rather than wear something like that. Oh I do love your choice of S's.

Mrs M - hello and welcome. Roll on vacations. Thanks for your good wishes about the business.

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...

A beach vacation sounds dreamy about now... beach wear optional (it's a fantasy of mine ;-)


ronnie said...

KItten hi, forgive me. I missed your comment.

Somewhere secluded I think :)