Friday, 26 June 2009

Butts on the beach

My beach break is no longer an option. Boo! but I don't mind really, god I must be getting too grown up, haven't even turned it into an excuse to get spanked yet although there's still time for a mood to develop. If I thought we might encounter beaches like the one in the picture I'd stop looking, I mean really who'd leave their cigarette end on the beach?

We've also got stuff happening unexpectedly, I think I mentioned before we've got partners in China, two different regions, well one of them is going into the fashion business, unbeknown to us until a few days ago. That wouldn't normally make ears prick up except it coincides with my own new project and there will be some crossover of interests. Brilliant, so now we're in the process of getting some Italian products to send across to them and they're taking on some of our sourcing in China, which means we'll likely get better deals but more importantly communications won't be flawed as they speak fluent English.

Then we've agreed with a US company we'll be stocking their products, I'm really excited about that because they're lovely and they're very established and they don't have a nominated stockist in the UK! And I'm just a fledgling and didn't think they'd deal with me but there you go, don't ask don't get. I daren't mention the name even though I'd love to, P would go through the roof and definitely spank me..... hmm so the name is..........nah only kidding, can't mention. Not yet anyway.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully you and P will be able to schedule a holiday very soon where you both can relax and enjoy some erotic spankings!!

Congrats on the new business deal!!


Radha said...

Yeah! Looks like things are going well in your part of the world!

Meow said...

Sorry the beach break fizzled, but it's nice to see that the business stuff is clicking! This (photo) looks like a fun beach! I wish they'd make a stop at our nearby national park. People can be such slobs with their cigarettes! Meow

ronnie said...

Kitten - Thank you, I was a little surprised they agreed, me being a small business :)

Radha, hello, everything is good at the moment: Hope'all's well with you.

Meow - Thank you. I agree, they should be made to take their stubs home with them.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you.


Hermione said...

I love the picture, except for that one butt!


Spanking OTK said...

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Mrs M said...

Sorry about the holiday plans, but it sounds like everything is going perfectly well with your new business endeavours!

Maybe if you put a sand pit next to a paddling pool, put on some ocean music in the background (whales optional lol) and made an artistic palm tree to stand next to your beach chair - you could have your beach? :D

Don't say I never help lol...

Mrs M

ronnie said...

Hermione - LOL,very good.

Spanking OTK - Hello, thank you.

Mrs M - Slowly and surely I'm getting there. Now what a good idea, all we need then is the sun, it's heavy rain and thunderstorms :)