Monday, 29 June 2009

£20,000 to study....bottoms

It caught my eye in the weekend press, Sunday Times to be precise, and Sky News this morning. I like to add a bit of culture from time to time.

An artist working in South Wales has been given a £20,000 grant to study female bums. Sue Williams, the artist, apparently having already won several awards for her sketches of females in provocative poses, is the lucky recipient.

Her work looks interesting actually, not quite the conventional sort of erotic sketches we see from the wonderful spanko artists; obviously the Arts Council hasn't got round to considering their work yet, maybe someone should give them a pointer.
We visit South Wales from time to time, might take a look, I like galleries.



Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, do you have more of her art???? Looks really interesting...

love, Lessa

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I would love to see an exhibit like that. Didn't Yoko Ono do one years ago?


Sara said...

I'll tell you what's interesting on multiple parents had a collection of 'bottom art' in their bedroom! Maybe I come by all this honestly?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy visiting the galleries myself from time to time. We have a Gallery Hop in my area the 1st Saturday each month... it's nice to see so many come out in the community to support local artists.


Mrs M said...

Very interesting that they are getting that much money to study bottoms, I wonder what the pictures will be like once the research has been done?!

The art isn't quite to my taste, however it is interesting to see others perspectives and variety in art - so thank you for sharing!

Mrs M

Daisychain said...

I prefer art that depicts rolling seas, cloudy skies, mountains, forests, sunsets with the silhouettes of trees, country roads, that lead you down them...poppyfields... not bums! Hahaha! But, thats just me... I wish her well...goodness knows how she bullshitted the money out of anyone for that!!!! xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Lessa - They do look different don't they but no sorry I can't find any more.

Hermione - I would as well. When we go to Wales will see if exhibition is still on.

Sara - Now that is interesting, my aunt had some what I know now as erotic art (ladies bottoms in various forms with a slight blush) in her bedroom and I used to always go up and stand there for ages looking at it.

Kitten - I love visiting galleries and art exhibitions as well. I like that the Gallery supports local artists.

Mrs M - Different forms of art always interests me.

Daisy - I can't believe they are paying her to study bottoms, P said he would do that for nothing :). I like that art as well Daisy but also I do love some of the very tasteful erotic sort.

Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated.


Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmm, will have to go there then to see more *winks*

love, Lessa