Friday, 22 May 2009

Caught with the Whip

First, apologies for the shaky image but 1) it was dimly lit and 2) I was trying to snap without drawing attention to myself. You'll understand soon.
Yesterday we visited a few leather goods wholesalers, I won't name them. P came with me thank goodness. They all had some decent stuff on offer if you picked through it, not high end but perfectly fine for casual easy everyday use. One of them had their own small factory attached and they made all their own belts, there were hundreds and hundreds of them and I made a note we'd definitely get some from them, the prices and quality were good and they had some very supple but heavy belts. I knew there must be perks with this job.
Then, at the far end of one of their rows of stock, we came across a load of braided leather whips. I could hardly catch my breath, out came the nokia, quick get a pic of me with the whip I whispered to P, he obliged with a smile and wandered of down another aisle. I didn't put the whip down, I ran it through my fingers and was wondering what it would feel like when one of the staff came up to me and told me they sold quite a few, they'd got heavier ones upstairs, sell very well to the sex shops he said. Have you got a sex shop? Oh God I nearly fell throught the floor, do I look like a sex shop owner? I'm sure I went beetroot as I mumbled no with a don't-be-silly smile and hurried off to find P. He was amused as usual, he asked if I'd like him to buy one but I told him he couldn't there was a min £100 purchase limit.
Know how much the whips were? £1.20 yes one pound twenty, or about 90 cents, made in China no doubt. Imagine, I'm sure I've seen the identical thing with a bit of fancy packaging on the shelves of one of the UK's major saucy shop chains for £24.99, now that's what I call a good profit margin, maybe I should open a sex shop as a sideline, LOL, joking, I've got enough on my plate right now.
Maybe I'll buy one if we go back to that place to buy some normal stuff, I'm not sure if P would know how to handle it though, perhaps it could remain coiled in the wardrobe, a sort of I'm warning you I'll take that whip to you but never actually happens thinks. Hmm.



PK said...

Now the next time you two think of trying a new adventure through a new business you need to give that sex shop another thought - what a hoot that would be!

I bought a whip like that at a cowboy amusement park when I was about 8 years old. My mother could not understand the fascination I had with it but she said it the whole store it was the only thing I wanted. Now I don't really want one used on me but to own one, to smell and feel the leather... I think I better stop now!


selkie said...

grins, hey girl, you look like a 'natural' with it LOL- great shot! I actually would LOVE to have to that used on me - go figure!

Anonymous said...

I can just picture you there when he asked if you had a sex shop slightly blushing with an innocent smile :-) P could always practice cracking the whip and aiming on a pillow until he felt he could control the implement... just a wicked thought :-P Have a great weekend!


Hermione said...

My hand would be shaking too if I tried to take a picture of all those belts.

Loved the whip pic too, but maybe it's better left as a fantasy!


Lessa said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww.... I love your adventures... and yep, so muany together.. who would not be a little shaky... grin...

and Ronnie... excellent dutch spelling :-)

love, Lessa

ronnie said...

PK - Believe me, I've thought about it, nothing local to us at all. Tell me more about the whip, good idea for a FF story :)

Selkie - LOL, thanks. I wonder what it would feel like but don't not sure if I would like to try but you never know.

Kitten - LOL, I think I'll have to buy one for P after all you got my imagine working now.

Hermione - I couldn't believe the amount of belts there were, P was picking them up and giving me a wicked grin.

Lessa - I need to visit again :).
Oh thank you, I'm pleased I got it right.

Vivian said...

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Apologies again for posting this to comments!


ronnie said...

Hi Vivian, no apologies needed.

Thanks will take a look sounds good.