Saturday, 4 April 2009

Strict Maitre d'

I know I mentioned our son's home from uni for a few days. It means a spanking drought but I get a mega amount of washing and ironing, it arrives with him jumbled into bin sacks and it returns in neat piles, I've neglected a couple of P's shirts intentionally so he'll have reason to take issue with me when son returns. Devious eh.
We ate out last night, couldn't get a table where we wanted to go because we didn't book, didn't think it would be busy, so we ended up in a brasserie which had space, a bit upmarket actually but nice, the food was good the staff friendly except the maitre d' who was efficient but a bit starchy. 

One of the waitress, who our son knew from High School, spilled some wine on her tunic and made a comment about going and removing it, I told her it hardly showed, she said 'Oh it'll show and Mr ---- is bound to notice, nothing escapes his attention.'  Well accidents happen, I told her, I'm sure he'll understand but she rolled her eyes and said he was pretty strict about dress and service standards, I'm sure she popped to the loo and mopped the spillage.
I looked at the rest of the waiting staff, one boy and three more girls, and imagined the maitre d' inspecting them, she'd mentioned the word strict and I mused that perhaps he might spank them if they fell too far short of his standards, amazing where a corrupted mind can wander during a spanking drought. 



PK said...

I'm right there with you - the word strict always has that effect on me.


Hermione said...

I agree with PK; that word works for me. Most words that begin with "S" do, for some reason! Glad you had a happy fantasy going through your head during dinner, and hope the drought will end with a good,, rain (of spanks).


M:e said...

Nothing like being held to account to keep us on our toes!!

Next time you go check out what the penalties are, then you can always let the community know when they're hiring!!

love and hugs xxx

Tapestry said...

mmmmm...I bet no amount of the girl protesting, "But Sir, I AM a good girl," would stop the spanking either. ;)


Spanked Italian Gal said...

My mind thinks the same way Ronnie. I love the word strict and many more that illict the act or at least thoughts of spankings. My son always comes home from school with tons of laundry too. Gotta love them for that huh?
Hope it is not too long before P is being 'strict" with you again.
I Gal

Scarlet Minx said...

I had a nice chuckle reading your post!

Ditto! Same thoughts here. lol

ronnie said...

PK - STRICT mmmm, me too. Hope you had a wonderful trip on the weekend.

Hermione - That word does it for me all the time and of course some other word beginning with S but the the life of me I can't think what it is LOL.

M:e - Funny, when we came out of the restaurant our son said look, there asking for waiting staff, I wodner if I should apply :)

Tapestry - LOL, I could just imagine him at the end of the night saying to the girl that he wont have marks on her dress and telling her to bend over one of the restaurant tables.

I Gal - hi, I wonder why that words does it for a lot of us. I don't know where all the washing comes from but I don't mind, anything to help out especially now he is in the middle of his final Uni exams.

Scarlet Minx - hello, lovely to see you. Thanks.

Thanks all, hope your week is a good one.


sixofthebest said...

What a beautiful scene of a naughty maid, dressed to perfection, including garter-belt and stockings, awaiting a good spanking by the maitre de. I hope he caned her well, say 12 of the best, on her tender bare bottom.