Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pool Table Spanking

We're off to Finland tomorrow, early flight, staying over at Stansted tonight, the hotel lets you leave your car free if you stay over, better than paying airport parking charges and I like eating at one of the hotel's restaurants which serves authentic tapas and Spanish dishes, unusually good for a hotel. It's also got a really quirky wine racking system about 30 feet high behind the central bar, it's a feature on full public view, and the staff perform artistic acrobatics as they 'float' gracefully up and down on some kind of cord which you can hardly see, selecting wines.  We'll be back Sunday evening, which is good as it is Bank Holiday here in the UK on Monday and I don't have to be in work. Was going to take my laptop but it's picked up some kind of glitch so I'm dropping it off at the technico's in town, this is coming from our office desktop, so posting will depend on what's to do and borrowing P's machine, Helsinki is much better with WIFI than the UK, it seems to be free wherever you go so no problem there. 

Before I go I wanted to tell you about our weekend in Wales which was great as it always is when we go to P's brother's, well why wouldn't it be when you're in a pub/restaurant, food, drink, darts, pool and surrounded by the Welsh countryside.  We were the only ones staying in the guest rooms which was good for us but not so good for P's brother, he'd rather have the rooms full of course, trade in general is a bit down on this time last year and he's having to increase his beer prices because of the Chancellor's recent duty increases. That won't go down too well with his customers but he has no choice.
We got there and dropped his mom off at their house which is nearby, we were going back to take here into town later, she wanted to do some shopping. Got to the pub, popped into kitchen to say hello to P's brother who was busy prepping for the evening as he was 'head chef' that night. Then up to our room to dump our case. I knew I was likely to get a spanking in the room one way or another, it's one of the little quirks P has to spank me in the bedroom of anywhere we stop over, usually before going out or before we go to eat, I think he likes to know I have a well warmed bum and can't say much about it, only exchange private glances and subtle signals. It's sometimes a small spanking other times a real stinger but it's always fun anyway and true to form P didn't let me down. He sat on the bed, called me over, undid and lowered my jeans then guided me over his knee and gave me a few little pats to warm up, increasing to sharp substantial full hand splats, one cheek after the other, I didn't count how many times but I was definitely well warmed, mmmmmmmm lovely.
After shopping, a bit of a chore with P's mom in tow which meant me showing interest in stuff which has no interest to me at all while P wandered off to do his own thing, we had a very nice evening. Chatted with the locals quite a colourful bunch, played some pool which I'm not very good at, managed to make a couple of lewd suggestions to P regarding alternative use of pool tables but had to stop when a couple of the local lads joined us. After had a lovely meal, P's brother and wife joined us for drinks with some of the staff, mixed group, great fun. It got quite late and P's brother had to take staff home so he asked P to lock up and set the alarm, no problem at all, so off they went and P asked me to walk round with him as he checked windows and doors before setting. When he'd checked all the external doors he stopped in the bar where the pool table is, switched the light on and took me by the arm, I knew immediately what was coming, unexpected opportunity not to be wasted, spontaneous and perfect especially as I'd been making saucy suggestions earlier. So I got spanked and I now know what the green beize feels like against my arms and breasts and the hardwood rounded edge of the table against my thighs and belly as my cheeky backside, as he repeatedly called it, got walloped good and hard. My only regret, now, looking back, was he didn't have an implement to hand and that we were both a bit on edge in case his brother had forgotten something and might come back in.   
I went to sleep 20 minutes later with a sore bum snuggled next to P, no sex, but next morning made up for it and then some. I always feel like that, I frequently get horny when I'm spanked but often find the best sex comes a while later. I stripped the bed and went and shoved the duvet cover and pillowcases in the laundry room, I'm funny about leaving telltales where family are concerned, no need really with P's brother, just the way I am.

(thats the actual pool table by the way, I got my comeuppance over the short edge nearest. Luckily there was no cue around:)


Hermione said...

Ronnie - what a lovely weekend! I like that tradition of P's.

I wondered what you meant by "no implement" when you must have had plenty of pool cues around. Were they put away or locked up? Or is it considered bad form to bend or break your brother's cues while visiting?

Have fun in Finland.


cheekycherry said...

Hi Ronnie,

Like they say Your wish is his command! lolololol. Glad to see he attends to all your needs. Hope you enjoy Finland. Bring us some Pics hey!

Cheeky Cherry

Daisychain said...

OK, NOW I'm jealous!!!!!!!! We have always fantasised about doing it over a pool table; but we are VERY unlikely to ever have an opportunity!
AND now you are off for fun and frolics in Finland???
I have only just this MINUTE got in from work, it was a Parents Evening tonight, lots of parents to see and give reports on their little darlings.... Ahhh, well, alright for some...LOL
Have a great time hun, hugs, xxxxxxxxx

PK said...

I really loved this. I love that you got spanked before you went to dinner. That is a lovely tradition and squirming quietly as you dine is a wonderful thing.

The pool table sound great too. I'm like you. Often spanking does get my juices flowing but waiting and letting the anticipation build it a good thing too. You are a lucky lady. Enjoy your trip!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip Ronnie! I love P's tradition too ;-)


ronnie said...

Hermione - thanks, it is a lovely little tradition. LOL about the cues not sure where they were but glad he didn't find them.

Cheekycherry - thanks, enjoy your tree topping. Forgot my camera, cell not the best at taking photos.

Daisy - I've been waiting a while for a pool table spanking :) Got any tips on pool?

PK - Thank you. It was a great idea of P's and happy he has carried it on :) Yes I agree,sometimes waiting is best :)

Kitten - Thanks, having a good trip so far.

Thanks all,have a lovely weekend. Back on Sunday evening.


Davey said...

Hello Ronnie,
As Daisy mentioned, she and I have always had a thing about a pool table...Congrats to you.
Enjoy your holiday.

Lessa said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh that sounds like a wonderfull weekend indeed... I always love being in Wales *smiles* and now Helsinki... mmmmmmm... enjoy the country for me a bit to please...

love, Lessa

ronnie said...

Davey - hi, thanks, never know keep hoping, may happen one day.

Lessa - I will Lessa, I love Finland and their people.

Thanks both.