Friday, 10 April 2009

Office Discipline and Tea

A while ago I met a long lost friend in Birmingham for lunch, we used to work together but hadn't met for 20 years, everything went great, you wouldn't have thought it had been so long, seemed like yesterday and we agreed to meet again soon. So yesterday we met up again and I ended up with a sore bottom.

P left early directly from home as he was visiting a client and wouldn't be back until late afternoon. As I wasn't meeting Jen until 11.30, I popped into the office first, answered some mail, left P some messages which needed his attention, plus one from me reminding him where I was and that I'd transferred the phone over to mobile and would be back by 5.00 ish. I took the train, its quicker and easier, and met Jen, great fun again, loads of laughs, lovely lunch and we'll definitely meet again soon, we're going to see if we can get in touch with some of the other girls we used to work with, we all used to get on great, out on the town frequently and used to go on holiday together; of course they could have changed by now but Jen hasn't and she said I hadn't, so we'll see.

On the train back to the office I got to thinking how unusually quiet my phone had been, apart from a couple of texts it had been dormant which is unusual on a normal day but especially as I'd transferred our business line to it. When I got back to the office I saw P had beat me to it, his car was in the car park, in I went, hiya love, how did your meeting go, no answer, Oh bad meeting I thought to myself, leave it he'll tell me about it when he's ready. I took my coat off and was just about to sit down when he called me over to his desk - ''What does this message say?'', I looked, it was the one from me that I had left on my special little notepad which I hardly ever use, Remember seeing Jen, back at 5.00, phone transferred, ''You mean that one?'' I asked pointing to the page. P stood up, ''You did transfer but you transferred it to my mobile NOT yours and I had that many calls I had to switch to answer''. Oops.

''How many times have you transferred the phone that you can make a mistake like that? Obviously your day out was taking up your attention rather than the business, well I'm going to make sure you remember next time''. He took my arm put me over his desk pulled up my skirt and gave me such an unexpectedly sharp spanking with his plastic ruler I could hardly believe it, it was over quickly but it was so swift it took my breath away and left me tingling. He pulled me up, I didn't quite know what to say, I heard myself saying ''sorry'', followed by ''would you like a cup of tea''.

Five minutes later we were exchanging days over a cup of tea, funny how things work out.

In work today for a few hours doing a bit of research regarding new business, quite exciting, I'll let you know how we are doing.

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.



PK said...

I do like the way P handles things!! Very firm and exciting. I hope you all have a good Easter too.


Anonymous said...

You make me wanna be spanked with a ruler now. Maybe I'll go to a bookstore now ^_^

Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnn, there must be a ruler here somewere in the house...

I had some sweet swats on my bumm today.. been wallpapering together and everything went great... lol...

but at least you had a quiet day *winks*

love, Lessa

ronnie said...

PK - hi, Happy Easter, thanks, hope your trips goes well.

luvmyhubby - hello, lovely to see you here. Thanks for your comment. I did pop over to your blog from PK's and I hope my comment posted as I was having laptop troubles. I look forward to visiting again.

Lessa - hello, a busy girl I see, I hate wallpapering :( lovely to do it together though and a few loving swats to help you along, very nice.

Thanks all, Have a super weekend.


M:e said...

Ooooops!! Bet you won't be doing that again in a hurry. On the other hand........

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

That's wonderful! A spanking to clear the air, then on with life! I have one of those plastic rulers too; very heavy, and 24 inches long I think. Mmmmm.

Happy Easter!


Dante d'Amore said...

When I read that you met for lunch and ended up with a sore bottom I was going to suggest either trying a shorter lunch or eat where they have softer seats.

Don't mind me, I haven't been getting much sleep for the last three days.

Pretty obvious, I guess ...

grace said...

Well, that's one way to take care of a problem!

Rulers? Yuck!


Daisychain said...

How lucky can you get? An uninterrupted lunch out with a friend (great plan to transfer the calls to HIS phone, hehehe!) followed by a lovely spanking from hubby after....mmmmm.... what a day! xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

M:e - OH no, I certainly wont be doing that again until the next time :)

Hermione - 24", I'm jealous this one is only 18"

Dante - Oh you do make me smile, thanks. Trust you to think of something like that.
Hope your feeling better.

Grace - hello, You don't like the ruler, I wonder why?
Have a safe journey.

Daisy - hiya, Honesty really thought I had transferred the phone to my mobile, I might just have to try that one again.

Happy Easter all, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


ronnie said...

Hermionie - I'm even more jealous now, I got it wrong, our ruler is only 12".


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I lied! I just went and checked; ours is 17". But it's quite thick! I've had it for years.


Anonymous said...

Here's a bumper sticker idea - "Engineers do it with a steel rule".

Master Retep

Tapestry said...

Master doesn't punish with spankings or pain so something like this would not work to my benefit. But I'm glad you got to enjoy it.

I wonder though, if P thought you had done it on purpose to get a spanking, would he have spanked you anyway?


ronnie said...

Mater Retep - welcome, Oh dear a steel ruler, never seen one of those and certainly wouldn't like to try it.

Thanks for stopping by.


ronnie said...

Tapestry - hello you. How are you?

If P thought I had done it on purpose he would certainly have spanked me and probably harder than the one I got :)