Monday, 2 March 2009

Haggle for those Jimmy Choos!

Fear not during the credit crunch, there are bargains galore out there if you're prepared to haggle for them!

So says an article by Edwina Ings-Chambers, Sunday's Style Magazine. Apparently even the top boutiques will drop their prices -

"A lady was in Chanel recently and fell for a fancy pair of earrings. At £5,000, though, she wasn’t prepared to shell out the full amount and told them so. “I said: ‘I’d buy these earrings, but I need you to do better than this for me.’ ” And they did: 15% better, in fact".

"I caught up with a woman who is in the upper echelons of London’s best-dressed, but who preferred to remain anonymous. “I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences recently,” she told me. “The first was buying a carpet at Harrods, where they quoted me £9,000 for a carpet similar to one John Lewis was selling for £6,000. I preferred the one at Harrods, but I couldn’t reconcile the difference and they kept calling me to follow up on it. In the end I was just honest and told them the situation; they instantly dropped their price by £3,000"
So tips for bargaining -

1. Be honest, straightforward and unaggressive when asking for a discount — you’re more likely to get one.

2. If you don’t get an immediate result, ask to leave your name and number and tell them you’d really like to buy your chosen product as soon as the sale starts. You might be surprised by how quickly they call you back with a lightning-strike sale.

3. Do your homework. It’s easier to get a knockdown price in an own-label store if you can state that you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

4. Befriend your local boutique. You’re more likely to be offered a reduction somewhere where you’re known, and that’s more likely to happen in an intimate environment.

5. Always ask to go on the mailing list whenever you buy at a posh boutique or department store. That way they will inform you of any special-offer evenings for valued clientele.

6. At the very least, try a personal-shopper service when you’re planning to buy clothes. That way, you get free food and champagne while you’re shopping, and may even be able to wangle a discount at the end of it all.

What Edwina omitted to say was, you would need to win the lottery to be at these designer shops in the first place :)



Anonymous said...

Winning the lottery is a nice dream... I often find myself there deciding how to spend the $$


PK said...

LOL! You got that last part right. But the other is true too. You can get discounts if you are willing to work for them.

Winning the lottery seems an easier if less certain plan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
Oh my 9,000 for a pair of shoes...holy cow! I think you are right I would probably need to win 2 lotteries to keep up with the clothes that go with the shoes.
You can never have enough shoes can you? :)
Take care

Brambleberry Blush said...


You would deserve a very hard spanking if you were naughty enough to buy some of those things! What people spend money on is a never ending source of fascination for me.


ronnie said...

Kitten - think we all dream about that :)

PK - I have to admit I do ask about discounts when booking hotel rooms but never have when I have bought clothes/shoes. Maybe ought to try it.

AG - I don't know how peoploe can spend that much money on one item. You got me thinking AG, I need another pair of shoes.

Carly - hi, thanks for stopping by. Wish I had the money, take the spanking happily. What people spend that much money on never ceases to amaze me.

Hope your travels are going well.

Thank you all.

M:e said...

Looks like Blogger ate my earlier comment. It was someting along the lines of how much would our values change with that much money and would we really be 'better off' as a result?

love and hugs xxx

Daisychain said...

Gee, I have been so worried!
Ronnie, love your writing. Still hot under the collar from last post, LOL!
Hugs, xxxxxxxx