Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gratitude Tuesdays - F

Gratitude Tuesdays - borrowed from AG who borrowed it from Grace.

Here’s my Gratitude list -

Friends – what would we do without them.

Fantasy Friday’s – don’t you just love those stories

Fishnet Tights- I’ve had some fun in them

Four – one of my lucky numbers

Flowers – all wonderful but especially when you see daffodils you know spring is on its way.

France – a place I love to visit

French Fries - naughty but nice

Fingers - I love fingers, all shapes and sizes for feeling, touching and of course typing my blog

Fridays – end of the week, more time to spend with family

Well thats my list. Hope you all have a Fabulous day



PK said...

We hit many of the same F's this week. It's nice to have a day to stop and think of things.


lessa said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, I do really agree with all your F's Ronnie... and I loved the Eiffeltower picture... will tell you why some day.. but I've been in France with Guitarman...

french fries... ohhhhhh.. is it almost lunchtime please... now I am hungry...

love, lessa

Tiggs said...

I certainly agree with the vast majority of these! Even saw some that I would have forgotten about, silly me!

löthianne said...

Great list Ronnie!!!! i forgot to write friday!!! :)



grace said...

Very nice list! Thanks for sharing! I forgot some of those, but that's the fun part of these lists....none of them are exactly the same and we get to remember things that we had forgotten!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
GREAT list! Fantasy Fridays...what a great idea, I'm sorry I didn't adding it to mine. I think I might just borrow that one and add it anyway.
Take care

ronnie said...

PK - thank you, everybody has something different to others. I loved your list

Lessa - France is great and would love to hear about your visit :)

Tiggs - how are you, hope your well. I know theres more words starting with F but just couldn't think of any.

Lothianne - hello, thank you. I will come over and see your list.

Grace, hello, lovely to see you here, it is nice to see what other people choose. I thought of a lot more after :)

Andrades - thanks, you know I forgot so many words, family, how could I forget that, Fireman (my sons friend is one). Yes FF's I love going over to PK's on Friday to read the stories.

Thanks for stopping by everybody.