Thursday, 26 March 2009

Caught in the shower

Didn't stop for lunch yesterday, got quite a bit done, out of office for day and a half next week so working ahead.
When I got home it was nearly six-thirty, I decided to take a quick shower and change before going to the movies, P wasn't home yet, I was enjoying the hot water refreshing me and taking the ache out of tired shoulders when the bathroom door opened. I'm not a nervous person but it did give me a start until I heard P's voice, he'd obviously finished up and followed me home within minutes. I know it seems silly working in the same office yet travelling separately but some days he's off doing things and sharing one car generally wouldn't work although we do sometimes.
He came into the bathroom in just his underpants, kicked them off, pulled the shower screen back and joined me, saving water he said. He got behind me and slipped his arms inside mine, reached forward bending me with him and grabbed the shower gel off the rack, poured it generously over my shoulders and breasts and proceeded to work it into a bubbly lather as he massaged my shoulders, tits, belly, working his way over my hips and waist to my back and down to my bum, between my legs then up again and round to the front and down my lower belly right to my bushy mound where I was wet and slippery and not from the gel. His cock was rock hard and nuzzling in between my cheeks I was getting it from front and back, his hips were coarse against the still tender flesh of my bottom, his right hand was in my sex now, labial lips engorged and invitingly open, his middle digit working roughly against my hardened clit. His left hand held my head back, while he nuzzled my neck, stopping me pushing down to get more of his hand and thrusting my greedy butt back onto his pole, he was right I would have come very quickly if he'd allowed me. I was moaning, Christ I wanted it, he could have taken me backdoor or front, masturbated me or any combination I was so horny. Then he bent me forward so I had to support myself on the ledge, I really thought he was going to invade my most private place and I would have welcomed him but instead he spanked me! short but very sharp on both cheeks, noting my bruised areas I'm sure, he could hardly not, and I yelped out and loved it and pushed my bum back for more emphasising my willingness in spite of last night or because of last night. The spanking didn't last long, it was token, it stopped and then he was inside me and I was writhing and wriggling like a ferret in a sack my vaginal muscles clenching furiously to grab every inch he had to offer, his hand came round and down and started on my clit again while his cock pumped hard into my core and then we were both coming and he was spurting into me and I wanted to scream but settled for the subjugated animal utterances with which those of us with neighbours have to compromise. One day I'm sure I'll burst a blood vessel.
After getting our breath back we finished off showering, I mopped the surplus water off the bathroom floor, we dressed and went out. The cinema's twenty mins drive, there's a Frankie & Bennies on the site, we'd never eaten in one, P said why not we were both hungry and way early for the movie, it was OK it was movie food. We queued for our tickets, not long, and enjoyed the movie, I shuffled in my seat a bit and he put his hand on my knee to let me know he knew, afterwards we walked a while before going back to the car, we held hands, I enjoyed the evening. The whole day actually. 

Phew quite a week.


PK said...

That is one of the best descriptions of shower sex I have ever read! WOW!! I feel P is taking excellent care of you in every way possible - as I've told you before, you are a very lucky woman. And P is the luckiest of men!


Anonymous said...

WEG!! That was one HOT shower Ronnie ;-) It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with P.

Anonymous said...

You are preaching the choir with that description! Thanks for the jump start to my weekend. KayLynn

emily said...

wow hot!! & that pic is really yummy as well...


löthianne said...

I am so happy for you!!
you had and incredible day and night!!
wish you an amazing weekend!!



M:e said...

Wow.....after reading this, I think I need to take a shower....winks.

love and hugs xxx

selkie said...

Lucky ronnie! Beautiful description... sensual, erotic and so full of joy!

ronnie said...

PK - thank you so much PK, he certainly did, glad you liked it.

Kitten - thanks, our relationship is pretty good, I'm very lucky.

Kaylynn - hi, nice to see you and thanks. Great FF story from you this week, loved it.

Emily - hello, glad you got my comment. Thanks, I borrowed the picture off Green Rootsdown, lovely blog

Lothianne - thank you, hope you enjoy your weekend with family and can spend some time with your husband.

M:e - Hope you had some company :)

Selkie - that's a great and lovely compliment from you as you write beautiful erotic stories, thank you.

Thanks all, have a lovely weekend whatever your doing.

Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhh, is it me or is it hot inhere... xxxxxx

Tapestry said...

Well I got my wish - I wanted you to enjoy the movie and it sounds as though you did!

Dante d'Amore said...


In the words of Beavis (or was it Butthead?): Cool! :)

Lessa said...

mmmmmmmm... after a hot night and evening overhere your story still makes me go wowwwwwww.. think we are gonna have a bath together overhere *winks*

ronnie said...

Lessa hi, sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. Enjoy your bath :)

Tapestry - I certainly did, wonder if you wish something else for me it will come true.

Dante - hi, thanks, hope your pain free now. No idea whose words.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday x