Monday, 23 March 2009

Bare bums in the saddle

A while back I posted about 'pert bums in the saddle' after a weekend away in which some horse riding girls had held us and other motorists up on the country lanes.

This weekend we were out walking in an area of woodland a few miles away from where we live, there were lots of cyclists about not just on the main pathways but on the narrow tracks through the trees too. I said to P it looked like fun we should get a couple of bikes, good exercise, he said I already get good exercise with my running which is true, I was thinking more of him actually but he didn't take me up on it.

Later when we got back I showed him this picture, his face lit up, perhaps there's hope yet.

The weekend overall was fine, last night we did as programmed, took P's mom out, I kept my end of the bargain, chatted away happily. I hope he keeps his later in the week.



selkie said...

I'm counting the days (still many of them, sighs) until I can pummp up my tires and get on the road again. I LOVE biking but Canadian weather is not that conducive to extended months of it - its just mid-march .. it will be at least another 6 weeks before I can realisticaly get on the road.

Mind you, I wear more than in your picture LOL although on some of those incredibly HOT, sticky humid Toronto days, THAT kind of outfit looks damn enticing!

Anonymous said...

Our weather is also perfect for such attire, but that would cause a serouis traffic jam.

luv it

Cheeky Cherry

Hermione said...

Ronnie, what a fun post. Ron will LOVE that picture.

I agree with Selkie, it's too cold here for biking just yet. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning.


Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnnnn, my Love loves biking to.. he did Ride for the Roses last year... did semi-proffesional racing when he was younger... and we the dutch are famous for our bikes... but a pic like this will make his heart go bangggggggggggg... grin...

now you were a good girl with dinner... now he has to keep his promiss ;-)

love, Lessa

M:e said...

The last time I rode a bike I was saddle sore for days.....I'm sure I could think of a different way of ending up with the same result...grins.

love and hugs xxx

Spanked Italian Gal said...

I ride my bike every weekend and have never ridden bare saddled. Interesting thought though.
This weekend I will start out that way and see if J lets me even get out of our driveway (it is doubtful but would be fun to try) LOL
Have a good week Ronnie
I Gal

PK said...

I betting if you get this bunch together P will be delighted to join in the ride. Remind him he should dress the same way and don't forget to get a picture of that.


ronnie said...

Selkie - A little sore I think riding with little on. I'd like to take up riding, I love to be outdoors in the warmer weather and Jogging now is so peaceful when know one is about.

Cheeky Cherry - hi, thanks. I am so sorry I still can't seem to leave a comment on your site. Have you tired to leave one yourself, if you have let me know because I must have a problem.

Hermione - Glad you liked it, hope Ron enjoyed the picture. I think you've had it very cold there. I do wish we had a little more snow here in the UK but the only trouble if we did we wouldn't be able to cope. We have only have to have a couple of inches and our schools close and buses come to a stand still,

Lessa - I know the Dutch love riding. Is he going to ride again this August in the "Ride for the Roses"? I will tell P you said he has to keep his promise for Wednesday :)

M:e - not ridden for years and yes your right much better ways to have a sore bottom :)

I Gal - LOL, what a good idea to try that, I can imagine the look on J's face. Thanks I Gal.

PK - looking at the smile on his face when I showed him the picture he certainly would go for it but certainly wouldn't let me take a picture of him :)

Thanks for stopping by all.

Hermione said...


Cheeky Cherry has turned on "Moderate Comments" so no comment will show up until she reads and approves it. From what I can see, she probably has never done so because the posts I read show no comments.


ronnie said...

Hey Hermione, your an angel, thanks very much for that. I'll see if she has an email and let her know.