Thursday, 26 March 2009

Angry Words

Thought I'd better explain about last night, yes I was punished and yes I deserved it. Please don't feel sorry for me, I've been looking for this, we've even kind of discussed it before, I just didn't expect it to happen quite like it did. I think that's how I wanted it to be.
Why it happened - we had words about not going out and his mother coming for dinner, I mean we saw his mother the last 2 Saturdays and took her out on mothers day so was I being unreasonable? I didn't think so but the words got out of hand more than a bit strong, and I should not have said some of them they were cruel and offensive, said in anger, so yes I got punished but everything is fine. My bum's bruised, it stung in the shower and its tender sitting here at my desk, neither of us have mentioned it. 
He just asked me if I'd like to see a movie tonight, it's Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, it's on locally he called them, I said did you book tickets but he said no need we'll just go and stand in the queue. P never queues! He also said we'd grab something to eat before or after, see how we feel. I said sure that sounds nice, I think I sounded casual but really I'm thrilled, this is unusual behaviour for P.


Sara said...

Ronnie, I know in my marriage my husband really DOES want to please me, and it sounds like your does to. It is always how I say things that gets me in trouble, rather than the content. This seems to be an ongoing issue...his Mum, and perhaps it does need discussion when no obligation is looming, so you both understand the other's feelings better? As to the P, well we all hate being punished, but I always appreciate that things are resolved and we are at peace so quickly after. I suspect the whole evening would have been torturous if he had let the anger sit between you.

löthianne said...

Dear Ronnie:

it is amazing how fast and easy the things starts to evolve after punishment!

hope you have an incredible time!! :)

huge hugs!


Hermione said...

Oh, dear, so sorry it came to that. It's all too easy to say things we later regret. As my husband says, "You can't unring the bell."

It's wonderful that P is doing his best to be kind and loving now, even to the point of doing things he hates, like queueing.


Impish1 said...

Glad things are moving towards a better resolution; hope you are happier and that things continue to work themselves out.

Jflame said...

Ummm well it seems that FIM is just as catching as the bovine variety.
Well handled P. And I'm glad your felling better.
Hugs to you both.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie-Thanks for blogging this experience. It's great that P returned with the flowers and a kiss. He obviously knows that showing extra love after the discipline is important.

PK said...

You are a lucky woman. Your husband won't let you get away with being rude to him, he took care of things on the spot and once it was over it was over. I envy the sore bum too!


selkie said...

hugs ronnie...hope your mind, spirit (and bum) are at peace today.

Tapestry said...

Hoping you enjoyed the movie and dinner. Per your instructions I won't feel sorry for you, and I hope the whole situation is resolved. Mostly, I just want you to be happy.

Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmmmm.. seems I am not in agreement with the others... punishment should not be given in anger... spanking should be done when he is in total control of himself and when you are anger your emotions are in control... that's what I always have learned... we have a deal here that if I've done something that would really make him angry we talk about it... and punishment comes later... it has not happened till now, but we are still in our first 6 months...

making up with the movie and going out is really nice... which means he must have known deep down inside that dumping his mom on you again was not fair...

you were rude, but I think very honestly dissapointed to... and he could have prevented you from being so dissapointed...

I do hope the movie was great and you had a real nice dinner.. cause you certainly did deserve that... *smiles*

love and hugs, Lessa

ronnie said...

Sara hi, appreciate you coming by. Yes P does always want to please me and goes out of his way to do that many, many times. The mother situation will never actually go away but sort of resolved for now anyway.

Lothianne hello, your right and unexpected too. Movie and dinner lovely, preceded by a nice hot shower.

Hermione – good saying, not actually heard that one before. My fault totally, words should not have been said. P is wonderful, you have no idea how much he hates queueing :)

Impish1 – hello and a very warm welcome, thanks for stopping by, things have moved on and yes happy.

Jay – hiya, Yes it was OUCH but
great now, thanks.

Marie – hello to you and a warm welcome. Yes your totally correct very important to the women of course. P did it naturally.

PK – hello to you, he wont let me get away with being rude which to be honest doesn’t happen often, some of the words I expressed were totally out of order, I made sure they were, and I deserved the sore bottom.

Selkie – hello to you, I am very well and very much at peace, bottom not so sore today :) Thank you so much.

Tapestry – The night was very good and yes the situation has been resolved for now and I’m happy.

Lessa – I too agree with you about punishment in anger, the angry words came from me not him, and I was totally out of order, words I said should not have been said at that time. But P and I have been together for many years and I trust him completely. This is something I have been looking for, something I helped switched on and overall I liked it.

I really do want to thank you all for stopping by and commenting, it means a lot.
Thank you.
Have a good weekend