Sunday, 1 February 2009


"I'm fed up with talking to strangers about anal sex. But it will be a strong subject. And it will be sick, obviously."
- quote from Charlotte Roche about the new book she has just started writing.

But never mind her next book for now, it's her current book "Wetlands" ("Feuchtgebiete" to give it it's German name) which is causing a big stir, causing women to faint at public readings and being praised by some as a feminist masterpeice and denounced by others as a masturbation pamphlet.

Charlotte, a dainty, giggly brunette with the manners of a countess was born in the UK and moved to Germany with her parents as a young girl, hence its publication, so far only in German. But fear not, English speakers will also be able to faint when it is published in English on Thursday 5th Feb and is expected to be a sell-out. The article is interesting, the book obviously deals with very taboo subjects.

I'm off to Amazon to get my order in.

Article by Ed Caesar, Sunday Times Culture



Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie! You will have to give us an appraisal when you have read it, I have never bought a "rude" book, but if its worth it, who knows? LOL xxxxxxxx

Dante d'Amore said...

Good lord, what am I doing here? I look on my blog roll, see this sentence, ""I'm fed up with talking to strangers about anal sex," and still I click. What has become of me? Tiggr's going to wonder the same thing when she sees I've been here, but in her case, she will have clicked because she saw "Anal Sex," whereas I clicked because I saw it was ronnie's blog. ;)

PK said...

LOL!Ronnie I read the whole artical! What a hoot. Yep I have a feeling it will be a sell out in English too.


M:e said...

I wonder if Amazon give discounts for multiples!

love and hugs xxx

Tiggs said...

My dear Dante has underestimated me! No anal sex for me lately and never very much anyway. We are quite anal enough, both of us, without adding to it, lol.

But yeah, he's right that the headline attracted me, especially because it IS your blog. I just mean that the headline and even the pic seemed a bit out of the norm for your posts, but that is just how I saw it, and I'm not stating anything or implying anything by it!

I'll wait to hear from all of you who are ordering... sometimes the written word is more fascinatingly translated that way, especially on certain subjects!

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I always learn the most interesting things from you! I hope that you will give a full review when it comes out in English!
Take care

ronnie said...

Daisy - will do, that's if I dont faint reading it.

Dante - thought that line would wake some people up.
Btwn - watched the video, very funny,thanks.

PK - hi, she's going to make loads of money out of it and another book on it's way.

M:e - Hi, I was thinking the same, taking orders now :)

Tiggs - that headline attracted me. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house Tiggs, dont think I would stop laughing :).

Andrades - your very kind, thanks. Just lucky to spot the article in the papers and thought interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.