Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Nothing much happening here, different sets of family staying with P's mom for a couple of days each (kids school holidays) so we will be getting and making visits on and off as we haven't seen them since before Christmas, lovely to see the nieces and nephews though, one lot are bringing a new dog with them which should be fun.

Snow's all gone, mornings a little warmer, I've put weight on so just started my jogging again, out at 6.00 am, know I must be mad at that time but early morning's the best time, none of the neighbours are around so won't see me crawling and gasping for breath at the end of my run :). No it's not me in the pic; imagine her older, weightier, on all fours, pool of sweat on the floor, and looking like she's been dragged through a hedge and you've got me after a run. Let you know how I get on.

I want to run the cancer charity 5K 'Race for Life' (all ladies race) again. Didn't get into the London Marathon this year so I've applied for the 10k Northern Run, should have heard by now, maybe I haven't got in :(

P wants me to pass on his thanks to you all for the good wishes for his speedy recovery he's pretty much back to normal, must be, he swatted me on the backside this morning and said 'I haven't forgotten that lazy madam in the fishnet tights you posted last week, maybe I'll catch her this weekend'........ Oooh... roll on Saturday :)



Jflame said...

Glad P is on the mend, didn't think for a minute he'd let that post fly!!!!
Yes roll on Saturday indeed. I have a clock on my blog counting down to Sat (my next spanking), wish it would hurry up. Tempus Fugit as they say.
Hugs, Jay
Ps, the only running I do is for the

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
It's always nice to visit with family...and with a new dog, that should be fun!
Oh my jogging at 6am...up so early and jogging kudos to you if I could I would send you a big Trophy I am so impressed. My exercise bike is still collecting dust. My goal this week is to use it 3x before sunday...I still have a few days left and you have inspired me.
I am sooo pleased you got your bottom swatted with more to lucky lucky girl I guess he did not forget! Your Man is feeling so much better...YEAH!
Take care

fabsterrant said...

LOL the self discription of you finishing a run is precious! Gulp, does being a wiseacker get me sent to the Domme? Good that P is better.

PK said...

You can run at 6 AM?? I am lucky if I can stagger to the bathroom so more power to you!

I am glad P is feeling better and that he has a good memory!

Have fun witht the family!


Daisychain said...

JOGGING??? No way...with my boobs I would have black eyes... No, sitting in the hot tub does me, its such exercise resisting falling asleep with the jets pounding my muscles in the 40 degree heated water... enjoy your jog!!! I'll be thinking of you as I lay here.... *sigh* xxxxxxxxxxx

M:e said...

Grinning at Daisychain's comment!

I'm usually up at that time of the morning, so does cyber jogging with you count?

Glad P is feeling to you both


ronnie said...

Jay - hi, thanks. Latin eh, impressed. I did notice you were counting the days :)
I was hoping P hadn't forgotten. Happy to see he hasn't.
Enjoy your Saturday Jay.

AG - hello. Yep Ps feeling a lot better, thanks.
I'd love an exercise bike but P said I probably wouldn't use it if I did have one and he wont let me have a normal bike; said I would be a menace to other road uses. Sending you big motivation vibes, hope they work

Fabsterrant - hiya, I think you should go straight and report to your Domme for such a wisecrack :)
Thanks for stopping by.

PK - hi, yes, happy P is better, thanks. Good night with family played Uno and goodness knows how many other games, didn't win any though.
I've only just started jogging again, did some last year but had to stop as I had a hairline fracture in my leg and had to wear one of those Beckham boots.

Daisy - I love you, I burst out laughing reading your comment, P came over to see what was so funny, said likes your sense of humour.

M:e - thank you, Daisy is so funny, she's great.
Glad your with me at that time, doesn't seem anybody around here stirs until 7.00 am

Thanks all, loved your comments.