Friday, 2 January 2009

Spanking required

Well what can I say its the second day of the New Year and I haven't had a good spanking since the mid Dec punishment one, what with flu and everything over the holiday period, But I have a plan, family have all gone, no more visits, and our son drives back to Uni later tonight (I shall miss him, he caught my flu but he's better now).

P’s still in the office and I’m just finishing off the last of sons ironing, I think he must have bought his housemates washing as well as I seem to have been doing nothing else for the last week but that’s what moms are for.

When we had our parcel from Cane-Iac (you know he got that lovely maplewood paddle and used it on my bottom), there were some other items, there was a fun item which I'm hoping will get me a spanking, a teddy bear, which he gave me and you've seen, and another item which I did take a peek at it (P doesn’t know)but I'd rather not mention it for now, I'm hoping P may have forgotten it but elephants don't forget. No, P isn't an elephant, it’s something I’m not in a hurry to have on my bottom.

Stop by again, keep your fingers crossed for me, I've located the fun item I intend using, it's in Ps drawer, and I'm planning to use it tomorrow.


Tiggs said...

I, for one, simply can't wait... best of luck, big hugs and offering a soft pillow for afterwards!


Spanked Italian Gal said...

I am so crossing my finger for you. I just found your blog and am adding a link. Love your writing. Look forward to getting to know you.
I Gal

ronnie said...

Tiggs dear, thanks for stopping and the offer of the pillow, am hoping I will need one.

I Gal, lovely to see you here,your very welcome. Thanks for the link. I am keeping everything crossed. Look forward to reading more from you.


Jflame said...

Ronnie, as you prob know I got a spanking yesterday and I've only just gotten over the VIRUS!!!! Maybe I'm weak but around 10 min after I was compleatly knackered. Yawning and very nearly conked out during the phone call.
Please make sure that you are FULLY WELL!!!!! Before any spankings, Cos I nearly cried an I never cry.
Hugs, Jay

ronnie said...

Hi Jay, yes I'm glad you did. I was really happy to find out who your Dom was a very good man.

Too late I'm afraid, had one yesterday just about to post but fine, I am fully over it. You had it worse than me.

Thanks Jay.

Love to you and your Dom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
This back to work schedule is truly Not Fun. I am getting "behind" in my comments!
We haven't bought anything from Cane-Iac yet, their stuff looks serious! I am going to read your next post to catch up!
Take Care,
Andrades Girl