Thursday, 15 January 2009

PHEW! Off the Hook

P had to go to a meeting yesterday so he couldn’t take me to task over that wet spanking photo I posted but today he tried to expose my face to show me how easily it can be done.

In fact he tried a number of times, was getting quite frustrated (he doesn't like it when something doesn't work), even popped round to the office next-door for some advice but still couldn’t do it, I asked him if he was using the right software, wouldn't he need something specialist? ………..he looked at me sternly but didn't comment.

Eventually he gave up; he couldn't restore my face but he was still sure it could be done, he'd seen it on a Crimewatch police programme or something. Anyway he conceded he wasn't having any success, I looked suitably concerned and asked him with as much seriousness as I could muster if he thought anyone from Crimewatch might be trying to unmask me, he looked bewildered for just a moment and then we both ended up laughing, it was funny but I do know there was a serious side to it all and I told him I won't be posting any more face shots, even if I have disguised them.

So the good and the bad news……….

Good news – I didn’t get shut down, the picture stays up there and I can post more just be sure no more face images.

Bad news – I didn’t get the spanking that was hanging. It was one I would certainly have deserved and maybe was secretly looking forward to. I was getting quite tingly thinking about it.
Anyway this is a good outcome and all's well.



Anonymous said...

What a great cartoon! I am so glad you are Off The Hook. And thank goodness he has a good sense of humor. Maybe you can burn dinner or something and he can spank you for that? LOL
Alls well that Ends well
Take care,
Andrades Girl

Jflame said...

Uggg at the momunt id take a spanking over these bloody tingles.
Glad youre off the hook.
Hugs, Jay

Daisychain said...

Damn, theres nothing worse than an expected spanking not happening....even when its a nasty one.... it leaves you sort of, empty....
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

PK said...

I am glad things worked out okay for you. But I do wish the guys understood how we feel when a spanking is promised - for real or play - we really need them to follow through.


M:e said...

I've always had a bit of a dilemma about personal photos on public sites (unless we are completely out there).

One of my favourite photos doesn't show my face, but does clearly show my surroundings and so, anyone who knew me and found my site would know it was me even if personal details didn't give that away.

M wants us to be in control of who we share things with, simply because not everyone understands our type of relationship.

Lets hope that spanking you're waiting for comes very soon!!

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

Dear Andrades - yes, he does have a good sense of humour. Wish I'd read your comment last night and I would have tried to burn dinner but do I hate waste. Thanks for your support Andrades.

Hi Jay, Always lovely to see you here. I would have to agree, nothing worse than them tingling feelings. Are you OK?

Daisy hi, how right you are.
I just noticed you have posted Davey's conclusion, says 3 days ago,dont think my blog roll is updating properly, will pop over later. Thanks Daisy.

PK - how are you? thanks for stopping by.
P is like an elephant he never forgets but to be spanked then wouldn't have been right, weekend ideal time, nobody around and neighbours away :) but he reminded me this morning we are visiting family in the country. Oh well, what we girls have to put up with.
FF grest, will see you there later.

M:e - hello, thank you, welcome, thanks you coming over.
I truly did not think it would be a problem, I would never compromise our relationship, family, work or friends.
He is very, very supportive, knows I write but rarely reads it. I have spoken with him - if I feel I want to post something that I am not sure how he would feel about it I will show him and take his advise. Sara commented about this and I think it's good.
Thanks you again M:e.

Thanks Guys, appreciate you stopping by, I know how busy it can get.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I started reading your blog when AG said she was envious of it and i decided to check it out. So I'll stop lurking and say tht at 50 plus you should be proud of that photo and he should, too. You've obviously done a great job of taking care of yourself. keep it up. I'm sure he can find another reason to give you a good spanking.

ronnie said...

Florida Dom, hello and welcome.
Glad your no longer lurking.
Thank you for the compliment. The camera was kind but I can assure you there are less flattering shots.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Just toss out the less flattering photos and cherish the good ones like the one you posted. The great thing is that -- as your most recent post showed -- your husband obviously feels the real you is the one in the photo you posted. It's fun when you're 50 plus and can act like teen-agers trying not to get caught.