Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm going to get Spanked -

Because it's Chinese New Year!

P was in a good mood this morning as he left for the office (his accounts were completed yesterday and our accountant has filed so its an annual headache out of the way - except for one small detail, a cheque has to be sent next week:)).

He said he didn't spank me on New Years Eve so, as it's Chinese New Year on Sunday, I'll be getting an extra one. This came quite out of the blue. We have Chinese partners in Qingdao, where they did the sailing events in the Olympics, so we're familiar with their holidays and traditions and today is their last day working until 2nd February but that doesn't have any bearing on me getting spanked.

Maybe P just feels like celebrating, perhaps I could persuade him that a quiet meal out would be more appropriate. Or better still spanked and then a quiet meal.

And better better still...... I thought to myself I normally get a maintenance spanking on Sunday, so does that mean I might get two? and a meal? Calm down Ronnie, one thing at a time.



Tiggs said...

I'm hoping for all you've mentioned and more! How about starting the day with the maintenance spanking, then a lovely day together celebrating the holiday in your own unique ways, then quickie spanking to return the afterglow and remind you during dinner. Then a long, slow, delightful meal with your man, followed by the holiday spanking as promised. Maybe dinner without panties would be called for? *naughty blushes*

Big hugs, no matter what happens!

M:e said...

Just had to send you this link to pass on to P sweety

It has all the global national holidays listed.....grins.

love and hugs xxx

Sara said...

Enjoy the fireworks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
It sounds like you're going to have a great weekend, with at least 1 spanking! I would have to do the spankings for dessert, cause I still get exhausted after a spanking, and would never make it to the restaurant!
Have a great weekend, can't wait to hear about your escapades!
Take care

PK said...

You go girl!! Enjoy yourself and Happy New Years!


ronnie said...

Tiggs - that certainly does sound wonderful. And dinner without knickers mmmmmm now thats naughty. Will have to leave your comment where P can read it.

M:e - thank you. Will pass it onto P :)

Sara - nice to see you, thanks.

Andradas - good thinking, maybe I could suggest that, a meal then home for desert - a spanking.

PK - hello, very much looking forward to weekend, thanks.

Love to you all. Enjoy your weekend.