Saturday, 3 January 2009

Friday unexpected spanking

I got spanked, it was unexpected, not the one I had planned. This was yesterday late afternoon.

P called me from the office, he couldn't find a file which he needed to answer a client who was going away on Saturday, I told him where it was but he said he'd looked and it wasn't there, OK said I, will pop in (we're only about 10 minutes from our office).

File found quickly, no problem, was just about to leave, P said come here, he sat me on his lap, said he knows I hadn’t been well and a little stressed with all the family and visits we had to make this holiday also our son going back to uni (who we wont see again until probably Easter) and that he thinks a stress relief spanking is very much needed. Oh yesssssss please I said to myself as my heart missed a beat

He got up and arranged two chairs in the middle of the office, I was told to stand at the side of him, he took my jeans down and gently guided me across his lap with my upper body resting on second chair (no problem of being disturbed, we share offices in a large building but nobody else working today), his hand lightly rubbed my pantied bottom, it sent shivers all over me, I could feel stirring between my legs.
I think this may hurt a little as you haven't had one for a while, he said, as his hand was patting each cheek slowly one at a time, now I was really shivering inside with excitement. Then he stopped and reached way back and grabbed something from his desk drawer, 'It’s a new toy I bought, I was saving it but I think it's needed now' he said. Ooh I love new toys.

He lowered my pants and stroked his new toy over my cheeks by way of introduction, from one to the other, it feels smooth, cool, quite nice actually, I liked this new toy, what is it I asked. He starts patting each side of my bottom with it, mmmmmmmm nice, gently, then a little stronger, I really do like this, this went on for a little while, it felt good to be over his lap again.

The introduction over, he stopped and again rubbed my cheeks with his hand, then his grip tightened on my back and then it happened the new toy came down hard on my bottom, I jumped, I felt his hand steadying me, again it came down, I swear it was harder, in no time I was wriggling, squirming and telling P it hurt, it stung, , no, no, no what the hell is it (don’t like this new thing after all), don’t know how many times it hit my bottom but it was enough to become well acquainted.
Finally P stopped and gently rubbed, 'I think that was what you needed,' he lifted me back on his lap, 'I hope you feel better now'. I certainly did. He showed me what he had used, Ohhhhhhh that's lovely it was a tan leather paddle with a beautiful rose embossed into the business end (posta pic when I get one). This beautiful new toy certainly packs a sting it's very different feel from that maple wood paddle he got from cane-iac. Much nicer I thought....but then again the sting hadn't set in yet.

Travelling back home in the car, I thought the title of Bonnie’s blog very appropriate, My Bottom Smarts. And it did.

So now I have a quandary. Its Saturday morning, he'll be back in a few hours, I was planning to get myself spanked I told you about it yesterday, should I be greedy and still go for it? I've already decided - YES. So all being well I'll get what a greedy and naughty girl deserves later. Then tomorrow being Sunday morning I might even make it a set of three, that would be a nice weekend.


Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie; no idea how to link your blog as one for me to follow, as you don't seem to have the "follow this blog" button, and being new, everything needs to be idiot proof for me!!! Re spelling my name wrong, Awww, bless your heart, no problem! I am just flattered you came by MY blog!! I answer to most things unless they are rude, hahaha! Don't give it another thought! xxx

ronnie said...

Hello Daisychain, (made sure I'm right this time). Thanks for stopping by. Nice to have another Brit.

Your on as a follower (thanks) I can see your picture. Will link you so anybody visiting me can pop over to you.

I know what you mean, I'm a newbie as well and useless with a computer, everthing takes time.

Good luck.