Friday, 19 December 2008

Wet spanking and Bottling out

Wednesday night we had that meal out I told you about, yep the one I was going to straighten out this punishment thing. Well it didn't go according to plan, I didn't know when it would be correct to straighten out punishment matters, with antipasti or main course, as it happened we ran through presents sorted and those still outstanding, discussed a couple of client matters, son coming home and resolved to get the tree next morning (this time tape measure's in my purse), we were half way down a bottle of wine and main courses started and still no straightening out of punishment matters even though I'd rehearsed what I was going to say in fact I'd rehearsed more than one version to give myself some wriggle room, but it wasn't to be.

What happened was P brought up my blog, asked me how it was going, listened attentively while I told him about some of you guys and what I planned for over the coming weeks, then I thought this is it great opportunity to bring up the punishment as it involved the blog. About to start when I felt his hand on my knee, Ooh I hadn't rehearsed anything which would fit in with this but I didn't have to say anything anyway, P did instead ''You know I think you've done really well with it, I'm very impressed you've put it together and I'm glad you're getting some nice people dropping by.'' Well that gave me a warm glow and I mentally cancelled my punishment scripts, I must admit I'd been in two minds anyway, I suddenly decided I didn’t want to have it out at all, I actually enjoyed what happened, it was different, punishment if that’s what it was was okay, to me it wasn‘t demeaning as some say (some of you may not agree about that). It was natural, unexpected, unsettling, painful and thrilling. I’m my own women, I'm very confident in our relationship and a little excited that something I'm doing has provoked my partner to take such a firm stance. I want it to happen again, I've decided, but if I brought it up then the bubble would burst and nothing else would be said about it and would probably not happen again and I didn’t want that.

So what's all this got to do with wet spanking? Well I was going to tell you about my first ever wet spanking but I can't because I'm waiting for a little disc from P with a photo editor first, P did the little xmas greeting with it and he said he'll copy it me today, then I'll post and you'll understand why I waited.



PK said...

Ronnie you went with your feelings and I think you did the right thing. I don't think that type of spanking will happen often - but it does something to our minds and hearts to know that it is possible. To know they embrace what we are doing as real and not just part of a game. I think you are a lucky lady.


Jflame said...

Ronnie, theres no shame in bottling out. If it's not the right time or you don't feel right about it then you did the right thing.
Hugs, Jay

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I really learn so much from your posts, they are very insightful. I don't think anything about your relationship is demeaning at all. You both have a very open and honest communication with each other. Too me there is something very exciting and connecting when your partner takes a firm stance. I have always found it very interesting how much our relationships change on a day by day basis, and how much can change by a small conversation, an acknowledgement or a pat on the knee
Can't wait for your next post!
Take Care

Tiggs said...

Way to go! You took lots of time to think it through from all sides, then decided to just go with the feelings, all of them, and even without him knowing it, submit to his way of running the show!

Very nice! Now, for that wet spanking, please????


ronnie said...

PK - yes decided just to go with it, I know your right, that kind of spanking wont happen too often or even again but if it does, fine by me, I will be more than willing.
Thank you very much for the mention on Fantasy Friday, I loved the story, I voted CeeCi pure guess, don't know her writing.

Jay - thanks, yes you have to go the way you feel and what happened was different and exciting and all other things.
Shouldn't you still be in bed? Seriously hope your are on the mend.

Andrades - you are very kind, I agree, to me it wasn't demeaning(as I said some do) speaking to others you will be surprised on their views of punishment spankings. Punishment can be a fine line. Maybe one for Bonnies brunch (if she hasn't done it alreay.
I do love it when he takes a firm stance.
Keep talking to hubby Andrades and take time.

Tiggs - I was certainly in two minds but as I said to PK, loved it ande will happily accept that sort of spanking again.

Patience, patience dear, I'm onto it just waiting for the pic but not sure if I'm going to add it (could get me into trouble if I do.

Thank you all.